Sunday, November 19, 2006

Will the real Fear of God please stand up?

Entry for 14 July, 2006

Yes, thank you, I did notice there is a new active front in the war on Terror going on in Israel. I also noticed that it started on Tammuz 17th (remember, they are 7 hours ahead of us here in EDT land. If you're in California PDT, that's 10 hours, I think.) That means things are going to be ugly until at least Av the 9th, a major fast day of evil historic significance. These three weeks are, as I mentioned, a time on the calendar of very bad vibes. Over and over and over bad things happened during the this time, that's why yesterday was a day of fasting.

Look for something encouraging to happen on Tu B'Av (Av the 15th). That day is an obscure minor festival day, preceding the 40 days of Repentance that begin on Elul the 1st and end on Yom Kippur, the Day of Atonement, on Tishri 10th. Afer that, who knows? It depends on how God judges Israel's obedience to His commandments over the past year.

I wouldn't hold my breath on things going well, though, unless Olmert gives up his idiotic plan to give away more land to the Arabs (those former citizens of Egypt, Syria and Jordan now calling themselves "Palestinians," that is. BTW, there were never any such people until Yasser Arafat made them up out of the thin blue air in the 1970's.) Sharon ended up a vegetable for giving away Gaza - I can't imagine what fun God has in store for Olmert if he goes through with his plan to give away Jerusalem and the Temple Mount.

Israel's government is being punished for several things - allowing Shabbat and Moedim to be violated by Arabs and Westerners, making it difficult if not impossible for a large percentage of Jews to make Aliyah to Israel, giving away the Holy Land to foreigners, refusing to rebuild the Temple, and probably other things I don't even know about.

The Orthodox Rabbinate here in America is complicit in the Aliyah problem, along with their discrimination against Jews who refuse to adhere to the ultra-orthodox interpretations of scripture. These are the people of whom Isaiah spoke when he said (29:13) And Hashem says, "Because this people has drawn near with their mouth, and with their lips they have esteemed Me, but have kept their heart far from Me, and their fear of Me [nothing but] a tradition of men." The Fear of God, remember, is knowledge and wisdom, according to scripture. So apparently their supposed wisdom and knowledge is just man-made traditions, according to Isaiah.

It's hard to disagree with Isaiah when I see the blatant defacement of God's name going on in the Yeshiva communities. They aren't afraid of God - they lie, cheat, steal, manipulate people and obstruct genuine worship of God with their arbitrary rulings on things that God couldn't care less about. Do they really think that God cares what shoe they put on first when they are lying about being married, making it appear to the goyim as if the Jewish girls are all sexually immoral, stealing from the taxpayers, robbing young people of a real education and preventing young men from being able to engage in gainful market-rate employment? Is God worried about whether or not women wear pants, or whether or not women have a reputation for integrity? Does God want canned prayers or genuine outpouring from your heart? Does God want Jews to live in European-style ghettos or to live in the Holy Land? You get the picture. They, unfortunately, don't.

(BTW, pants were invented in the Far East as WOMEN's clothing, class - look it up in any textbook or internet encyclopedia. Pants were invented about 800 BCE as women's clothing, to cut down on rapes of girls working out in the fields and to give us some place to attach the necessary monthly accessories. Thousands of ancient artifacts, paintings and mosaics show Far and Middle Eastern women of every ancient era wearing pants (think of "turkish trousers" ala I dream of Jeanie, or the Rubiyat of Oman Kayyam) - while the men wore long robes. Middle Eastern women didn't start wearing toga-style dresses until the Hellenistic era, when it became unfashionable to look like an authentic middle-easterner! Worse, European men didn't start wearing pants until the 1750's. Prior to that, say about 150-200 years, the lower class men wore something like rather like kulots and tunics, that didn't go all the way down. Upper class men wore knicker-bockers (knee-pants) under their tunics, but modern pants as we know them didn't appear until the modern age. These are facts. So pants have been women's clothing for about 3000 years, and have been men's clothing in Catholic Europe for about 250 years. Guess who's really cross-dressing, class? Middle Eastern women who stayed in the Middle East were allowed to adopt pagan Greek and Roman styles of clothing. Meanwhile, Middle Eastern women who came to Europe were forced to wear Roman Catholic clothing, plain and simple history. So in reality, it's the Hellenists who decided women had to wear togas or dressess, and the Pope who decided pants were men's clothing - because he was too ignorant to know any better. And now the Orthodox Rabbinate has decided to submit to the Pope and spread his ignorance and even import it to America. Doesn't that give you confidence in their ability to make rulings?)

I just now added an example - the picture at the top which you have already seen by now, but it illustrates the point perfectly. This is traditional Middle Eastern clothing - traditional Jewish clothing! Maimonides would have been dressed like this man, in long robes, tunic and a turban. His wife would have been like the women here - wearing pants - "turkish trousers" - and headscarves (not wigs!).

Well, I seem to have wandered off track, so let me get back on it. The American Jewish community is foolish if they think that staying in America is somehow going to shield them from God's displeasure. Look for the virulent anti-semitism of Europe to come to these shores, class, in the near future. God is not going to put up with rebellion, and rebelling is exactly what the American Jewish community is doing - the liberals by refusing to obey Torah at all, the orthodox by giving God's Torah a bad name with their immorality, "traditions of men," and medieval fairy tales of golems and other silliness - and all of us for refusing to make Aliyah and rebuild the Temple. That "tolerance" which we have enjoyed in America is going to come to an end, class - mark my words. The covenant is binding upon every single person in this country with ancestors from any of the twelve tribes (not just Jews!), and after giving us an opportunity to obey voluntarily, God will then punish us. His attention is turned to the Holy Land, now - but our day is coming.

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