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The real reason young people go off the derech.

Entry for 21 July, 2006

Here is an older blog from Unorthodox Jew, which I found dismaying.


Growing Up Quickly

As the son of a prominent person, I got to meet all the major players of Judaism.
Prime ministers,chief rabbis,chassidic rebbes,rosh yeshivas and pulpit rabbis,were on our visit list.
Access was relatively easy.I do not know how much money was given to charity in those years,but I learned early on was ALL about giving money or the potential of getting large sums of money,that got us in any door.
It was so obvious,it really hurt.
There were a few saintly people..but they needed money to operate their businesses.
So by the time I was Bar-Mitzvah,I got the whole picture.
The guys with the money got the respect,the final say in the schools and shuls,the mizrach vant in shul and were the guests of honors at jewish functions,period!
Only a fool would not see what was so obvious.
There was no observance criteria for any one.
The presidents of many Orthodox shuls were barely Torah-observant.
Lunatics were on the mizrach vant.
Hashgochas on food were sold on the cheap.
Members of the board of directors of many yeshivas openly ate in non-kosher establishments.
Adultery scandals were hushed up.
Guests of honor at yeshiva banquets were mechalel shabbos.
All this by the time I was thirteen years old.
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It is clear to me now that he's right, it's all about money and power. These people are hopelessly corrupt and clearly bring dishonor on God's name. As I said before, they have no intention of ever obeying God if it means inconveniencing themselves or giving up their rank and privileges they've made for themselves in their little incestuous communities where they can pretend to be "big fish."

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