Sunday, November 19, 2006

Just what do they teach in school these days?

Entry for 24 October, 2005

I'm sitting here in the philosophy grad student lounge waiting for someone, and trying to get some work done while I'm at it. Aren't laptops great?

But I'm having a hard time concentrating because there are two young feminazis discussing their coursework here who are studying, out loud, some completely idiotic and juvenile book written by some other feminazi. I find it hard to believe anybody would believe any of this garbage about men being opposed to abortion because "they know they are parasites on women just like fetuses." Are these girls really so indoctrinated that they think this stuff is real out there outside of the ivory tower? Apparently they do. They honestly think that men are engaged in some sort of paranoid plan to keep women "enslaved in heterosexuality, marriage, and motherhood."

Aside from the fact that it is not men but evolution/biology/God/Nature or whatever you want to call it that made this arrangement, not men (after all, since when can men organize anything?). These girls have been programmed to believe some sort of "androgynous society" is a good and beneficial thing, that way "there would be no stigma attached to being a butch or whatever." (Yes, I am quoting their conversation, in case you're wondering. I am transcribing this even as they speak.)

I feel sorry for the emptiness of their lives under this supposed ideal paradigm. In the world they envision, they will never have the joy of spending their day with their child. They will trade the illusory "slavery" of motherhood for the very real slavery of the workplace which exercises very real tyranny over your time, I assure you.

Now they're discussing Sanger (as in Margaret Sanger) and apparently no one has mentioned to them that Margaret Sanger established planned parenthood for the sole and express purpose of convincing minorities and the poor to stop procreating. She never, ever envisioned wealthy white women refusing to have children. Her plan was to rid the world of undesirables to society - not individual "unwanted" babies. Eugenics and abortion in her plan was to rid the people of the burden of dealing with those who cannot or will not be productive members of society. It is class warfare at its most shocking level - extermination of the poor and the colored.

Now the girls are marveling about how murder is the number one cause of death of pregnant women. Now, this isn't rocket science, folks. As you've read here before, when you claim that you have the sole power to decide whether or not his 50% of the DNA you are harboring is going to cost him hundreds of thousands of dollars in child support, you're going to be in danger from men who decide they ought to have a say in the matter. After all, you can murder his child and he can't do anything about it. Why would you think this would not cause resentment and anger? Why would you think that the prospect of being sued for child support and having no recourse whatsoever to decide that you don't want to be a father could incite violence in those who see their future being flushed down the toilet? Anytime you have such an inherently unfair imbalance of power, there is going to be violent resistance. As I said, it's sociology 101, not rocket science.

The arrogance of the femnazi POV is so profound it's amazing. They would not in a million years apply to themselves standards of "fair" and "right" that they expect men to endure. And their disdain for normal people oozes from their very pores. They sit here smugly condemning anyone who dares disagree with their unnatural theology.

I've talked about all this before - but sitting here listening to this drivel just makes me wonder how stupid women really are if they buy into this garbage. It's no coincidence, I guess, that the TA leading the discussion is severely overweight. Those who hate themselves lash out at others and more often than not blame others for their own problems. You seldom see anyone in the feminazi movement who has a successful family and religious life - at least not around here. Maybe there are those out there who didn't screw up their lives and still hate men and think children should be raised in institutions. But I don't know any.

Ironically, all this "freedom" has not given women more choices - it has taken them away. Now you have no option to stay home and raise your children, because the feminazis have trained the men of the younger generation to expect women to dump their kids into daycare and earn at least half the money of the household. If you think dumping your kids in herds being cared for by minimum wage people who didn't have enough education to get a real job is a bad idea, well, you're out of luck.

Well, they've gone, finally, so I guess I should get some real work done.

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