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Franken Foods aren't Biblically kosher, just Rabinically.

Entry for August 13, 2006

Here are some passages from a book I just finished reading, concerning franken-foods, aka GMO foods:

...The DNA of a species changes and evolves, in part through sexual reproduction. Genes from the female and male are combined and interact in various ways so that some of each parent are expressed in the offspring. DNA can also mutate...some mutations will stick around and be passed on to the next generation. For centuries, farmers, gardeners, and livestock breeders have intentionally bred plants or animals in order to combine desirable traits. [So far, so good.]

...with genertic engirnnering, breeders have a whole new bag of tricks. Instead of relying on species to pass on genes, ...biologists cut the gene out of one species' DNA, modify it, and then insert it directly into another species' DNA. And ...scientists don't have to limit the source of their genes to members of the same species. They can search anywhere in the plant, animal, bacteria, even human world to find genes, ...or even synthesize genes in the lab that don't exist in nature. [Ummm, some animals are unclean, as are humans themselves.]

...the old theory of genetics asserted that each gene is coded for its own single unique protein. Biologists also estimated the number of proteins in the human body was 100,000 or more. Thus, they predicted that there would conveniently be about 100,000 genes in human DNA. When the number of genes was ultimately tallied and reported, ...there were only about 30,000. Oops. ...It turns out that the vast majority of genes do not encode for a unique protein. [Meaning inserting strange genes completely screws up the protein production.]

...One common method used to "insert" genes is to blast them into the DNA with a 22-caliber gene gun. ...They fire, hoping that at least some of the foreign genes will end up in a workable place in at least some of the target DNA. This, by the way, is that the biotech industry refers to as their "highly precise" method of gene transfer. ...The impact of a gene-coated shard flying at hundreds of miles an hour into the DNA might, as you have probably guessed, result in some structural "consequences." The native genes can be damaged in ways that an engineer might not even be able to identify. [Wow, that's real advanced science there.]

...When a foreign gene makes it into the DNA, there is no telling where along the strand it will end up. The inserted gene can disrupts any number of naturally expressed traits depending upon where it lands. ...The locationf of a foreign gene can dictate how well the natural gene does its job. In some locations it will not produce its protein at all, in others it will produce too little. These location specific changes are called "position effect" - a kind of genetic Russian Roulette. One common position effect is that either the foreign gene or the native genes in their vicinity get shut off. This common and unpredictable occurence is called "Gene Silencing." One way that a native gene can get permanently disabled is if the foreign gene ends up right in the middle of it. ...Silencing native genes can result in all sorts of unpredictable outcomes... [Like making them cancer causing, or screwing up your hormones and body chemistry.]
Seeds of Deception, Exposing Industry and Government Lies about the Safety of the Genetically Engineered Foods You're Eating, by Jeffrey M. Smith


The book goes on to show how multinational corporations have bought and paid for studies showing their preferred outcomes, suppressed studies showing bad outcomes, and bribed and influenced politicians and university departments to endorse franken-foods. In fact, GMO foods are dangerous and their introduction over the past 30 years directly correlates with the obesity and ill health epidemics that have rocked modern healthcare. But that's not the point of this blog. My problem with GMOs (Genetically Modified Organisms) is that for some strange reason, they have been certified kosher with no questions asked by the Rabbis.

It should be clear to even the most naive Jew that a GMO that has been altered to include genes from pork and shellfish and other unclean animals cannot possibly be the "same" as their natural unaltered counterparts that God has pronounced "clean" for us to consume. In fact, it should be glaringly obvious that the Torah prohibition against "mixed seeds," which seems to be strange and obscure for the Sinai generation, actually may have been intended especially for our generation: GMOs are most certainly "mixed seeds."

I'm continually astonished at the number of people who think kosher certification equals healthy food. Unfortunately, that is certainly not the case. Numerous products have been certified kosher that are not fit for human consumption, either by way of the DNA of their ingredients, or the artificial source of the product, or of the clearly damaging and unhealty outcome of eating those products. Things that have been stripped of all of their natural vitamins, micronutrients, and probiotics like bleached white flour, are kosher, but certainly not healthy. Ditto for corn syrup, trans-fatty acids, artificial pesticides and herbicide residues on food, artificial preservatives, colorants, and flavor enhancers - not to mention GMOs. For some reason, the Rabbis have completely ignored the truth about these items - that they are not "food" and should not be consumed.

Take beef and dairy products. Not only has the rbGH milk been conclusively shown to have elevated amounts of IGF-1 (an insulin component that screws up human metabolism and is directly responsible for the rise over the past couple of decades in "metabolic syndrome x," that lovely combination of insulin resistance, obesity, heart failure, and blood lipid malfunctions), but it is also implicated directly in the astonishing increase in breast cancer over the same time period. Yet the Rabbis see nothing wrong with un-organic beef and diary products.

Any other reasonably intelligent person who actually investigates the situation finds out fairly quickly that they don't want another bite of contaminated beef or dairy passing their lips. And fortunately, there are good brands of organic kosher dairy products available at your nearest health food store. But for some reason, organic kosher beef is almost impossible to find. No, not for "some reason," now that I think about it. The reason is that the Rabbis are using medieval and outdated non-scientific reasoning that ignores DNA in their rulings, and since they have ruled that non-organic beef is ok, then the orthodox community doesn't ask any more questions.

They should.

DNA is the building block of life. It's not just in the blood, it's in every cell of every living thing. It's a lie to say that man understands how DNA works and that tampering with it won't cause any undesirable outcomes. And if nothing else, planting "mixed seeds" is a direct violation of Torah, God's law - and God knows a whole lot more about DNA than Rabbis do, class. And God knows a lot more about human physiolgy than man does, let's not forget. Just because science can create some artificial ingredient or manipulate the genes of some plant or animal, doesn't mean we should eat it.

Purity of body involves shunning the unnatural and artificial, just as purity of soul involves shunning the impure products of other human minds. The two concepts are inseparable. When you eat GMOs you are contaminating your soul. Every bite of non-organic food is a spiritual impediment - one that we can in fact avoid. So why continue to degrade our bodies and souls with unfit items? If the Rabbis cannot see this, then they are blind guides. Just because they say something is kosher doesn't mean God approves of it, class. It just means the Rabbis approve - and their track record of late speaks for itself, doesn't it?

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