Saturday, November 18, 2006

It's called "treason."

Entry for Friday, 22 July, 2005

Two related thoughts today - first, an update on the local water buy-back. No big surprise here - RWE has filed suit to stop the people from voting on the issue. Sort of begs the question - if they are really so confident that the majority of voters aren't in favor of a buy-back, then why spend the hundreds of thousands of dollars on lawyers to fight the ballot? Why not just let their opponents spin their heels and spend their money on a futile campaign? Answer, class: It's not futile, is it? They know they're in danger of losing their lucrative opportunity to ciphon billions of dollars out of the community. If they weren't afraid of the outcome of the vote, they would ignore it.

And on a related note, Congress is looking at bills to stop China from taking over an American oil company. The article on the editorial page of the Wall Street Journal was by Ronald A Cass and is entitled, "Not Your Grandfather's China." Apparently, Mr. Cass is extremely naive, or extremely uneducated - I don't know which - because yes, it is our grandfather's China, only with a bit more savvy.

Mr. Cass is also apparently suffering from a bad case of myopia. He seems to believe that globalistic free trade is the do all and be all of economics - and that it is somehow irrational for countries to protect vital national security industries. He must be one of those secret one-world-government proponents, because no reasonably intelligent person thinks it's a good idea to give away your vital industries to hostile foreign governments. The only outcome of allowing hostile entities to take over your water, oil, and manufacturing capabilities is your eventual non-existence. A country that does not have control of its vital infrastructure is a country that will not survive. On what planet do hostile foreign governments have your country's best interests in mind? No planet I know. Out here in the real world, the only reason to acquire your enemy's necessities of life is to make obscene profits and then to have the ability to withhold them at will.

And this is the real world - not some globalist nirvana that exists only in the imaginations of those prozac-hazed minds that apparently make up modern economics. Don't worry, be happy, spend money. What's wrong with this picture, class? Well, I'll tell you.... [cue music, Monty Python fans].

1. Water, electricity, transportation, phone service, etc. - these are necessities of life, not perks of the wealthy. They should not be for-profit companies in the first place.

2. Giving these industries to any foreign control - hostile or otherwise - is so incredibly stupid that I have to believe than anyone in favor of it has ulterior motives, because nobody can be that stupid. Not only it is insane to give your vital interests to foreign control....

3. is even more stupid to further pay them billions of dollars in profit to use what should be your own resources. Not only have you given away the farm, you are now paying for the opportunity to have any use of it.

Is it not obvious that people who claim that there is nothing wrong with this are being intellectually dishonest - to put it mildly? And, hmmm, isn't there a name for someone who purposefully and knowingly undermines the economic and physical security of their country? Oh, yes. Now I remember. It's called "treason."

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