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Sorry, Taiwan. Sorry Basque. Only "palestinians" deserve independence.

Entry for Monday, 15 August, 2005

Regrettably, it is necessary for me to write about the governments of Israel and the United States today.

At midnight last night, after the Fast of Tisha B'Av ended at sundown, the government ordered the army to begin locking down Gaza and forcibly removing people from their homes and businesses. America's government endorses this plan.

This is a disgraceful day in the history of the Jewish people, as this date has always been. On this day in 70 CE, the Roman soldiers were busy dragging people out of their homes as well, after the sack of the Temple mount. On this day, the Babylonian Soldiers were doing the same several centuries earlier. In 1492, people were fleeing their homes after the expulsion from Spain which was issued the previous day (Av 9th), and so on and so on.

It is truly astonishing that the other five major instances (and numerous small ones) of disasters that befell the Jewish people in the ancient and modern age (including some of Hitler's plans) that have occurred in conjunction with Tisha B'Av, were done by those who openly hate Jews. What makes this particular crime stand out is that it is not done by a foreign hostile power, not done by enemies of the Jewish people - no, this is being done to religious Jews by secular Jews!

It is being done by people who don't believe in God or His promises. It is being done by people who think that giving up the land God told them to inhabit, by submitting to terrorism instead of driving out those who will not submit to the legal right of a Jewish state to exist, that somehow this will stop the attacks against women, children, and elderly people in public places.

They are quite mistaken.

Let me state my position plainly. There is no such place as "Palestine," nor should there be. "Palestine" was the name given to Israel by the Roman Government for the sole and express purpose of eradicating their national name "Israel" from the land. The people who claim to be "palestinians" are in fact Egyptians, Jordanians, and Syrians, or direct descendants of Egyptians, Jordanians and Syrians. Their birth certificates say so. Of these direct descendants, many are natural born citizens of Israel who are guilty of treason and violence, and as such should be either executed or deported.

Any other country in the world would and has and is doing the same. Even in America, if they think you are gathering arms for the purpose of resisting the government's "rightful" authority - well, look what happened to the separatist religious sect in Waco, Texas. Every man, woman and child there was incinerated by the United States government without a trial for the crime of insurrection and treason and daring to not want to be under the authority of the modern American government. At least Israel hasn't burnt any whole communities to a crisp, or ordered snipers shoot women standing on their own porches with babies in their hands. America's government brooks no religious or philosophical challenge to its sovereignty whatsoever. Neither does any other western country. Even Britain is now gleefully expelling muslims who advocate violence and challenging the government.

No other country in the world is being required to submit to armed insurrection, either. No other country is being told that they have to shrink themselves to their "original" borders, as if there even was such a thing. You don't hear the American government apologizing to the South for refusing to let them secede. I don't hear anyone proposing that the Dakotas be given back to the Sioux, or Texas back to Mexico, or Alaska to the Inuit. Why doesn't someone insist that the United States should be no bigger than the 13 colonies? No, other western countries take the strange position that land they have obtained in the past is theirs and theirs alone, but land Jewish Israelis obtained has to be given to Arab Egyptians, Arab Jordanians and Arab Syrians and other Muslims who simply don't want to be citizens of Israel.

In other countries, when somebody doesn't want to be a citizen of that country, they are told to leave, and if they cause trouble, they are arrested and deported or executed for crimes against the state. In Israel, when somebody doesn't want to be a citizen of Israel, Israel is told it must give them the means to be sovereign.

Doesn't anybody else think this double standard is sort of obvious and glaring?

Every government that opposes Israel's existence, or Israel's ownership of the land they absolutely need for strategic defense, is composed of hypocrites who would never in a million years apply the same standards to themselves or their country. And that most certainly includes the United States Government, the biggest hypocrite of all, who founded the entire country on the idea that America had a "manifest destiny" - that is, a God given right to have sovereignty of all the land from the Atlantic to the Pacific. Remember reading about that in school? I do. The United States Government claimed it had to the right to expel or exterminate anyone and everyone who claimed sovereignty over these lands. So they did. And America claims that right to this day. Hypocrites all, they.

France, Germany, Russia - every single one of these governments has the borders it has today because of armed conquest. Every single European country was born out of war and subjugation of the local people, and those people have absolutely no means today of obtaining their own independence. Again, hypocrites.

Have you noticed that even though Iraq was created out of the thin blue air by the British government, and is comprised of three nations of people who hate each other - not one country in the developed world is suggesting that the Kurds, Sunnis and Shiites should each have their own sovereign government in the area that used to be Iraq? Somehow since Iraq has had these "established borders" (only since only WWI, I might add) they are supposed to stay that way, no matter how much violence it causes. The fact that there are civil wars going on in Iraq right now and thousands of former Iraqis and current American kids have died because of them interests no one. The violence would stop instantly if the country were divided into portions.

So if that solution is so good for Israel, why isn't it good for Iraq? Why isn't it good for Russia? Why isn't it good for China? Why isn't it good for Spain? Why isn't it good for Ireland? Why isn't it good for America?

I'll tell you why - because the "friendly" governments in the West and the Middle East don't want anyone to even think of the idea that different ethnic peoples should all have their own homeland. After all, governments would fall, or worse - they'd loose all this strategic territory and resources, don't you know.

And, gosh, class, if the Saudis fall, where would we get our oil then?

Too bad, Sioux. Too bad, Inuit. Too bad, Tiawan. Too bad, Chechyens. Too bad, Tibet. Too bad, Ireland, Scotland, and Wales. Too bad, Kurds. Too bad, Basque. Somehow what's perfect for the mythical "palestinians" isn't good enough for your real and unique cultures. Go figure.

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