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You can't fool mother nature.

Entry for Monday, 19 June, 2006

First the article, then the commentary:

Doctor: Teen pregnancy is nature's way

EDINBURGH, Scotland, June 18 (UPI) -- One of Britain's leading fertility doctors says teenage girls who get pregnant "behind the bike shed" are just obeying nature's law.

Dr. Laurence Shaw set off a controversy with his remarks Sunday night at the annual meeting of the European Society of Human Reproduction and Embryology in Prague, The Czech Republic, the Scotsman reported.

Shaw -- who is deputy medical director of London's Bridge Centre fertility clinic -- said teenage girls should not be automatically condemned when they get pregnant, because females have been programmed by 2 million years of evolution to have babies in their late teens and early 20s, when fertility is at its peak.

He said nature intended for women to bear children when they are young, and for their fertility to diminish while they raise their children.

Family groups and politicians in Scotland -- which has Western Europe's highest rate of teenage pregnancy -- slammed Shaw's comments, The Scotsman said.

Recent statistics indicate abortions in Scotland among girls under 16 have reached record levels.

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It's nice to see there is someone else out there who didn't flunk biology 101. The natural childbearing years for human females is from about 15 to about 30 years of age. Of course, it's still possible to have children after your mid-30's, but it's harder, and genetically speaking riskier because by the time a woman is in her mid-30's her reproductive system is starting to malfunction due to age and stress.

As the doctor pointed out, and as the scriptures would heartily agree, women should get married in their teens, have their children when nature/God/evolution intended, and then go to college or trade school while their own children are in school. The modern paradigm made by feminist philosophy that girls should go to college and establish themselves in a career before getting married and having children is artificial and unnatural, and in case anyone hasn't noticed, it doesn't work, either. Abortion is not the answer - tossing the false paradigm into the trash is the real answer. Girls want to get married and have children when God intended - it is feminazi influenced society that is working against God/nature/evolution. Their fear and hate of a interdependent family unit is what drives their philosophy, and it's just plain wrong. Their quest for "self" sufficiency is a quest against the natural order - God/nature/evolution intended for people to live in family groups and be interdependent.

It is time for society to stop trying to fool mother nature and start getting back to a natural and workable paradigm of marriage and family. The ugly truth the feminists can't sidestep is that girls want children when nature intended and those children need to be raised by their mothers with the support of her husband and extended family. When the children are little, they need full time care from only their mother and to be taught the family's values, not someone else's.

This is not at all to say that women should not have careers. Most women only want a few children, and then when the kids are in school, most women will not choose to work with charities or volunteer for other good causes - most will want a paying job. So, they should go to college or trade school. This has a triple good effect - one, the children have been raised full time by their mother, who should be married and supported by her husband and their families. Two, the children get to see mom doing her homework and writing her papers, setting a good example for them. The way it is now, kids do not see any relevance for schoolwork in "real" (read adult) life. Demonstrating the way to a good career is a boon for children. And third, as the children are themselves getting older and becoming aware of economic status as a part of their lives, the extra income the mom will make when she graduates will help the family rise up the economic ladder.

The feminists problem is they believe that rising up this ladder is more important than having and raising children. That is another destructive paradigm that is peculiar to America - young people think they should be able to afford all the luxuries that old people who have worked their whole lives have. They have been taught to worship the consumer society and think that a "good" life is one that has at least two cars and a yearly vacation abroad in it. Guess what, class? It isn't. Your family does not need to be slaves to the consumer paradigm, even though it's not politically correct to say this.

I have noticed something, though. It is quite telling that stay-at-home moms are on the rise - because children who were raised in herds in daycare centers know how destructive and neglectful it really is. The first generation to be so raised is doing its best to soundly reject dumping their own kids into daycare herds. This is a good trend - but it needs to not just be an option for the wealthy. It needs to be the standard operating procedure for all women, and society needs to stop trying to prevent nature from taking its course.

God did not intend for women to wait to have children until their eggs are getting defective and they require medical intervention to get pregnant. God did not intend for children to be raised in herds by minimum wage (or less) strangers who don't share the parents intimate knowledge of the child's needs and aptitudes, and doesn't perfectly share the family's philosophical and religious beliefs. No stranger, or even another relative, shares your values completely. Farming your kids out to be raised by someone else perpetuates someone else's values, not yours.

And God/nature/evolution intended young children to be raised by their mothers - mothers who are young and energetic and physically fit, not tired middle aged career women who wanted the child as some sort of trophy and isn't really interested in raising it. No amount of toys and expensive junk is going to convince a child they are their mother's top priority when it is quite clear to them their mom's career is far more important to her. Even the youngest of children instinctively know where they are on the priority list.

And this feminist bologna that kids don't need fathers has also got to stop. Yes, they do work 8 or more hours a day, but that is their role in the family unit that God/nature/evolution has devised. It is their natural role. It is ennobling and uplifting to them to be able to fulfill this role - men instinctively need achievement and professional affirmation even as young men, the same way women instinctively want to have children. As the doctor said, millions of years of programming isn't going to be wiped away just because the feminists have rammed their artificial scheme down everyone's throats. Children also instinctively know and respect this role for their fathers - they expect their fathers to go out and conquer the world. They want their father and they want to be proud of his achievements. This is the natural order.

Regrettably, society may have now reached a point of no return - the young men of today have been taught that women don't need them, don't want them, and that children are a disposable burden. They aren't interested in supporting a family - and why should they? The feminazis have told them they don't have to - that a woman should have to work and support herself. They don't care what's in the children's best interest, they don't care what's in the family's best interest - because they've been raised that way by feminist society.

But they still have the biological urge to procreate, the same as the girls do. So they need sex, but they don't want to support families. It's not rocket science to see where this leads - indeed, where it has lead. Women are nothing but sex objects to these young men - and do you know what the leading cause of death is for pregnant women? Murder. Yes, class, murder. Women who won't get an abortion get killed themselves, because a fast growing percentage of young men today absolutely refuse to be responsible for their children - they want to spend their money on more and more useless consumer items and entertainment, not on a family. This is what they have been taught is "fulfilling" and important for their life, not a family. And since once the child is born the courts will make them pay, they stop the problem before it starts either by strongly insisting on an abortion or by killing the girl if she won't have one.

This is modern life - the life the feminazi paradigm has made. And it has to stop. Girls should not be forced to have abortions by their parents, boyfriends, or society because feminists want to make people live a paradigm that is artificial and unnatural. But they are, every day, for that very reason. It's time to return some sanity to society. Pretending that teens can ignore millions of years of programming by God/nature/evolution is stupid. We need to work with biology, not against it.

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