Sunday, November 19, 2006

France and the multiculturalsim trap.

Entry for Monday, 7 November, 2005

The government of France appears unwilling or unable to stop the rioting that has now spread to Paris. I have been listening to the news reports for the last few days and I can't help but notice that it is only now, after over a week of burning and destruction, that some of the networks are actually starting to say, out loud, that the rioters are Muslims who have refused to integrate into French society. They came there, mostly, from former French colonies. But when they got to France, they huddled up into the Islamic version of the old-style Jewish Ghettos and declined to be part of the overall society of France.

I understand the government's problem, though. The only real way to stop violent acts of mobs whose sole aim is to terrorize and destroy is to start shooting to kill until they get a clue. But in this day and age, that's not PC. Worse, doing so would simply be hanging a "please commit acts of large scale terror here" sign on their country, because the Muslim world would get the maximum mileage out of any actual effort to control the mobs - and of course call it "genocide" or "oppression" some such term that causes liberals to faint in the floor.

They say you can't judge someone until you've walked a mile in their shoes. But it seems to me that both sides of this problem have created their own beds and now have to lie in them, so to speak. The government of France has coddled terrorists abroad and given the impression that they are happy to believe in and invest in the coming world Islamic government (from the Muslim point of view, don't misunderstand me). The Islamic Ghettos, on the other hand, have been busy living off the largess of the French people's semi-socialist government, and are now more than happy to turn and bite the hand that's been feeding them, because they never had any actual intention of being integrated into French society. They aren't "French" and don't want to be. France cannot accept this attitude - or at least up until now they claim that they won't. So each side is dug into their trench and the battle lines have been drawn.

Except, as I mentioned, the Muslims get to play the "poor oppressed" card and the big, bad government can't really do anything except let them burn the city down, because they are too afraid of "world opinion" to do what needs to be done - whatever amount of necessary force that might turn out to be. It's nice, though, to see France getting a dose of their own medicine. They complained that the US is using "excessive force" to combat terrorism - and now they are going to find out fairly quickly that they will either have to use that same force themselves or capitulate and give up their national ideals. The Muslims, I'll wager, plan to give up nothing. It would be amusing except that every time someone capitulates to terrorism, it just proves that terrorism works and guarantees that more terrorism will be used in the future.

So I am waiting to see how much longer the government of France is going to hope this problem will go away by itself, and refuse to give the police enough military reinforcement and the authority to actually stop the violence. Make no mistake here - this is a test, class, of the sustainability of western civilization. And France seems to be failing it.

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