Sunday, November 19, 2006

Turnabout is fair play.

Entry for October 13, 2006

From the Lekarev Report:

Palestinians Riot This Morning

Hundreds of Palestinians rioted outside Jerusalem and hurled rocks at Border Police officers manning checkpoints this morning. The Palestinians, who did not have permits to enter Israel, were protesting restrictions on entry to the Temple Mount for Friday prayers during the Muslim month of Ramadan.

Border Police dispersed the Palestinians at the Atarot and A-Ram checkpoints north of Jerusalem and at two points south of Jerusalem with rubber bullets, batons and stun grenades. There were no injuries reported.

Some 160,000 Muslims did gather on the Temple Mount under the watchful eye of Israeli police. On several occasions in the past, such gatherings turned into riots on the Mount itself and spilling over into surrounding areas. Security forces have been restricting entry to Friday prayers at the Temple Mount since Ramadan began three weeks ago, due to these previous disturbances.


Ah, the religion of peace. Don't you just love it? The irony here is, of course, that it is entirely illegal for Jews to pray on the Temple Mount at all. There are actually muslim officials who stand around making sure there are no Jews with moving lips in any of the tourist groups that visit the Temple Mount. Why does the secular government of Israel continue to allow this charade? Why should Jews be barred from Judaism's holiest site in the world, and why are muslims allowed to trample all over it any time they want - including throwing rocks and things at Jews praying at the Western Wall - which has happened many times.

The secular government of Israel is guilty of a terrible offense against God for allowing this to continue. Don't expect to see any peace or relief in Israel as long as they continue to fear the UN more than they fear God.

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