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Those who don't learn from history...

Entry for October 18, 2006

But wait, there's more...


Life for German Jews echoes 1930s

LIFE for Jewish people in Germany has become reminiscent of the 1930s, a community leader claimed yesterday, after figures showed the number of neo-Nazi hate crimes had increased by 50 per cent in two years.

Sixty-one years after the end of Hitler's Third Reich, his followers continue to brutalise and intimidate Jews and other minorities across the country.

But the latest crime figures have shocked politicians and human rights groups alike. Between January and August this year, some 8,000 offences were reported to the Federal Criminal Office - 20 per cent more than the previous year and 50 per cent more than in 2004...

...The issue has been catapulted back into public consciousness after the success of the extremist National Democratic Party (NPD), led by Udo Pastörs, in regional elections in September. Far-right politicians now sit on three state governments in Germany.

Charlotte Knobloch, the president of the Central Council of Jews, warned: "Anyone who still talks in terms of unfortunate one-off incidents is failing to grasp a danger facing the whole of society. The aggression has become reminiscent of 1933."

That was when Hitler began a boycott of Jewish businesses and his stormtroopers unleashed their reign of terror - beatings and threats - that ultimately led to the Holocaust.

She accused both politicians and society of deliberately neglecting the spiralling anti-Semitism and right-wing radicalism despite warnings...


Someone emailed me an interview by one of those ultra-orthodox anti-Israel nuts. I met some before a year and a half or so ago at the AIPAC conference in DC. These historically impaired individuals seem to think that it is the state of Israel that causes people to hate Jews. You should listen to the interview not because it's really relevant in any way, but because just about every time this guy opens his mouth, a lie comes out. Seriously.

This fruitcake actually says that Jews lived peacefully among their neighbors all through history until Zionism came. And some people are buying this lie, seriously.


Even SECULAR history books don't read like that, class. Pogroms, burnings at the stake, forced conversions, harassment, boycotts, intimidation, extortion - you name it, history shows these events going back as far as European history goes back. Zionism has nothing to do with it. Hatred for minorities who won't assimilate, such as Jews, has a long and ignoble history. Ironically, the Arab Muslims are finding that out to some extent themselves in Europe, as in several areas the political wind is turning against them due to their refusal to assimilate. But don't expect me to have any sympathy for the Arabs. They are the ones who invaded Europe and tried to take over the world as we know it, also LONG before Zionism. Did you all skip the history of the Middle Ages when you were in high school, class? Only someone who is extremely ignorant of history would ever say that Jews have traditionally lived in peace outside of Israel.

I'm sure that as the violence in Jewish neighborhoods escalates and finally reaches American shores, where this nut lives, they will not admit to themselves that it is their own refusal to obey the Torah and return to Israel that has caused their persecution. In fact, this guy says that it is a violation of Torah to move to Israel. (Now that took some extremely twisted exegesis, class.) Sadly, his statement is another example of the Rabbis in the Talmud making up "Torah" out of the thin blue air, and then elevating it to the status of God's words. God's Torah says no such thing. It is also another example of the Ultra-Orthodox trying to impose their false opinions on the rest of the world. These same people who piously claim they would never try to force someone to adopt their religious view by force feel no shame at standing on street corners with big signs over their heads giving aid and comfort to the enemies of Jews, both religious and secular. If that isn't trying to coerce people, then I don't know what is short of physical violence. So much for humility - it is arrogance that drives these people.

Just more fuel on the fire, and the fire of Anti-Semitism doesn't care what kind of fuel gets thrown onto it, it will take any fuel - from the ultra-orthodox Jews right on down to the Athiests. They should know this, but choose not to. The hatred comes from Hasatan, and nothing anyone on earth does or does not do will quench it, until Messiah comes. That's their own theology speaking, and they would do well to heed it.

In the meantime, God has again orchestrated events to make sure those who listen obey His true will - for the people of Israel to return to Israel. The pressure is going to get worse, not better. The world's governments have neither the courage nor the conviction to stand up and defend Jews against Muslims or anybody else. And that goes for America, too. Don't doubt it.

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