Sunday, November 19, 2006

A new spirit of Radical Conformity is emerging.

Entry for October 24, 2006

And one more...

It was with great amusement that I read a blog in the online version of today's newspaper called Bible Belt Blogging. In it the writer recounts how the Imam from Lexington, Ky. traveled to a large mosque in another state and told people there that wife-beating was ok, it was in the Koran. When called on it back at home, however, he backpedaled furiously.

This is just one of myriads of examples in the Muslim community of leaders saying one thing to the politically-correct crowd and another thing to their own. It would be funny except that it's not - it's deadly serious. Who do you trust? And when do you trust him, then, or now? Pick one.

There was another article worth reading brought to my attention today, from Australia. It's about the veil and western society, called the veiled conceit of multiculturalism. The author makes some profound points, and while it is a bit long, you should read it all. There was one particular sentence that jumped out at me:

"Religious beliefs are by definition sacred, and as much as possible they should be a private matter. But when an individual or a community feels that their personal practices should trump widely held values while also setting themselves apart, the question arises as to whether those people would not be more comfortable in a place where such behaviour is the norm."

While the article is clearly about whether or not Islam can be integrated into modern society, this quote can be widely applied. In it we see the seeds of backlash, not just against Islam, but against Judaism as well.

The new philosophy developing in the West is not a multicultural one, it is in fact a conformist one. You can say you heard it first here, class. The pendulum is starting to swing back the other direction. Tired and fed up with foreign and offensive ideas being rammed down their throats by people who insist on Acceptance and not just tolerance, the average Westerner is slowly but surely developing an intolerant attitude. That attitude will, inevitably, result in the persecution of non-conformists. And Jews are historically the target of choice in the west. People may think twice about antagonizing potential terrorists, but nobody thinks twice about antagonizing Jews, precisely because we don't generally fight back with violence.

So remember later that I told you so, class, when things start getting ugly. It starts with the veil, but it ends with the talit. It always does. This time will be no different. We can claim to be educated and enlightened, but in the end, human nature has not changed. It is the same as it has always been, and there is nothing new under the sun.

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