Sunday, November 19, 2006

Labour Day revisited.

Entry for Sunday, 4 September, 2005

It's labor day weekend, and all the idiots are out celebrating the destruction of America's manufacturing base by greedy unrealistic union leaders. On the other hand, I suppose, when you consider all the damage the unions have done to American companies, maybe drinking yourself blind isn't such a bad response. Union membership is at an all-time low, probably because there aren't many union jobs left now that the unions have driven up labor costs to the point where the jobs have all been moved to third world countries where they can pay the workers fifty cents an hour for the same work that used to earn twenty dollars an hour here.

It's not rocket science. If your competition will work for 1/40 of what you demand, well class, guess who gets the jobs? Not to mention the robber barons can ignore environmental regulations with impunity in third world countries. They don't care if the working conditions are bad. They don't care if the brown or yellow people get sick from their chemicals. (Actually, they don't care if white kids get sick, either. They just can't get away with it as easily here.)

So the unions have failed in their mission. For this, we celebrate all weekend.

But in reality, of course, the younger generations, the x'ers and y'ers and upcoming z'ers, have no idea what labor day was all about - or at least what it was supposed to represent. Like most holidays, it's just an excuse to drink and party. Nothing more, nothing less.

It's probably too late to change labor day, but I suggest we make it into a day of mourning. We should mourn the rape of American manufacturing. We should mourn the loss of job security and reasonable wages and benefit protection. We should mourn all the retirees who are going to have their health insurance and pensions chucked out the window. We should mourn all of the working families who will never even be offered these benefits. We should mourn the American economy, because minimum wage service jobs will never pay what manufacturing paid - even reasonable manufacturing, much less the greedy bloated salaries of the dying days of unions. Henry Ford (whom I do not admire in any way) said that the workers should be able to afford the cars he was manufacturing. I'll bet those third world workers can't afford what their slave labor is producing.

And pretty soon, we won't be able to afford it, either. Why? Because unions lost their way and their integrity. And the greedy robber baron CEOs never had any integrity. Their God is money. They worship money, and money is the only thing that matters to them. They have chosen mammon over responsibility to their employees and their fellow men. And it will be the American worker, who can no longer compete or even survive in this new rule-by-multi-national-corporation paradigm, who suffers. The CEOs won't suffer one bit. The CEOs laugh at the politicians and the (intelligent) economists - [a rarity in the land now that globalism has been elevated to the same religious status as darwinism] - and, of course, the workers who wring their hands and say something should be done. The CEOs are above the law, and the politicians know who butters their bread.

So labor day should not be celebrated with parties and barbecues. Labor day should be observed by wearing black and fasting. Instead of loading up your car with party supplies and expensive groceries and favors and gifts, we should pledge not to spend a single dime on anything that is not made in the USA.

And frankly, that doesn't leave much.

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