Saturday, November 18, 2006

"It's Islam, stupid!"

Entry for Thursday, 07 July, 2005

Well, so much for the G8 comments I was planning to make. They'll have to wait.

Needless to say, the subject today can only be Islamic Terrorism.

Today, as if you didn't know, Al Quaida blew up a bunch of innocent bystanders in the London Underground and also one of those red double-decker busses everybody admires.

Will Tony Blair now bail from his fight against the terrorists like Spain did?

If the British manage to capture any of the hoodlums responsible for this cowardly attack against women, children, grandparents, and people who quite obviously aren't in Iraq fighting agaisnt anybody, I have to wonder if there will be any wailing and whining from the mush brained liberals about "constitutional rights" for the murderers. These civics-class challenged pacifists think that everybody should have "constitutional rights." In fact, the only people who have "constitutional rights" are American Citizens, or legal resident aliens. And in fact, these rights only apply in the 50 states of the United States of America. If you are arrested in any foreign country, try telling them you have "constitutional rights." They will first laugh in your face and then smugly explain to you that you aren't in America, and American laws don't apply where you are.

Many people arrested in Islamic countries have found this out the hard way. They also found out in these countries you don't have freedom of speech, freedom of religion, or the right to an attorney or a "speedy" trial, but that's another commentary for another day.

And, oh yes, the Geneva convention. Let's not forget that. The original Geneva convention forbids attacking civilian targets. And the convention requires combatants to wear recognizable uniforms. The Geneva convention is a treaty between countries that have signed it. If you followed the link to the last Geneva convention treaty of 1949, notice especially Article 2. The Convention rules only apply to non-signees engaged in combat against a signee if the non-signee expressly proclaims they intend to comply. No Islamic country or group has made such a proclamation.

No Islamic country has signed it, either.

So, the Geneva convention itself, as part of its bylaws, says that if a signee country is attacked by a non-signee country who does not intend to comply, then the convention does not apply at all. It is a treaty between signees, period.

And out here in the real world, where liberals apparently don't live, you can't have rules of engagement that one side adheres to and one side does not. Did you ever read Sun Tzu's "The Art of War?" I have it in hardback, underlined and annotated. The concepts have been the same for thousands of years of recorded history. If your enemy has no honor, you loose if you cannot adapt. Ask the Colonial Revolutionary Army how they beat the British the first time - by ignoring the "proper" way to wage war that France and England and other "civilized" nations had adopted, somewhat informally. Then, Britain refused to change their tactics because that's not what "gentlemen" did. And they lost millions of dollars of investment and trillions of acres of territory due to their misplaced sense of "honor." In elementary school history class we enjoy teaching our children that the stuffy old British couldn't adapt, so we kicked their collective butts.

And then came Korea, and Viet Nam.

Now it seems clear beyond doubt: we're the ones who apparently can't adapt.

And the outcome is no less predictable.

If we refuse to recognize that the Islamic culture cannot and will not recognize any rules of engagement that we care to follow, then we are doomed in the battlefield and on the domestic front.

The fastest growing religion in America is Islam. Though the process is farther along in Europe, we, too, are having our "tolerant" multicultural culture used against us. You don't see Saudi Arabia or any other Arab government allowing "multiculturalism" in their societies. In fact, in Saudi Arabia it is illegal to be any relgion other than Muslim. Yes, that is a fact. If you claim you are some other religion you cannot get identity cards or travel papers or passports, because you don't legally exist. And if you persist in claiming you are not Muslim, you will be arrested and you will probably be executed. Foreigners are tolerated for short times, but are expected to leave, and cannot become citizens unless they become Muslims. So much for constitutional rights.

It is a worthy and beneficial idea of society that there should be rules that govern war. And every modern civilized country has in fact adopted to and adhered to such rules in the past. But the past is gone. The new enemies of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness have no honor. They glorify death and suffering - they do not fear it or think it should be minimized or avoided. They defeat their enemies with overwhelming force and murder. This has been the history of Islam, and no intelligent educated person can deny it. They do not believe in treaties - treaties are only tools to lull the enemy into a false sense of security. These ideas are not news - or should not be. Unless you've been living under a rock, you should know these things. Then why do so many people think if we just follow a policy of appeasement that the threat of Islam will just go away?

And this is a war, for those who haven't figured it out. Even the Geneva convention states that one side doesn't have to recognize the state of war for a state of war to still be in effect. Islam has publicly and undoubtedly declared war against America and western civilization. The fact that we are pretending they didn't to avoid upsetting our access to oil doesn't change that.

So what is our ultimate strategy? The West's strategy against Islam has been to try and currupt the youth with MTV and cell phones. We think that if people can just vote, they will vote for the American Way. Is this an intelligent strategy? Is it a strategy that is going to work?


As long as the Islamic leaders can point to America and say, "See? Look how corrupt and ungodly they are! They are perverse and decadent! They use up all of the earth's resources! They have taken what is rightfully yours! If it weren't for them, the world would be a decent place! They are the cause of AIDS and disease, dishonorable women and disgraced families, the drug trade, homosexuality and Hollywood! Witchcraft and Heresy! They don't even obey their own religions! Their teachers and lawyers claim God is a fiction! The only thing they really worship is money!"

Here, the liberals have tried to convince the American people that there is nothing wrong with these things, and under the tyranny of moral relativism and multiculturalism, they have silenced the opposition with "political correctness." But claiming something is acceptable doesn't make it so. The ugly truth is that the Muslims are right about American culture. And they know it.

And so they will win, by attrition and by force. And we will let them, in the name of pluralism.

In other words, we will grant imaginary rights to our enemies and "tolerate" ourselves to death.

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