Saturday, November 18, 2006

A tiger by the tail.

Entry for Thursday, 21 July, 2005

Another nice red double decker bus blown to bits today.

It's time that we were honest with ourselves about these terrorist attacks. They are made not by poor oppressed peasants who have no hope of moving up the economic scale. No, they are carried out by well educated middle and upper class fanatics who despise the US for ideological reasons, not economic ones. Yes, it is certainly regrettable that hardly a penny of the trillions of dollars of oil money rolling into middle eastern countries was spent on water and sewer systems, electricity distribution, roads, schools, hospitals, and poverty relief. They could have built up domestic industries that weren't dependent upon tourism. They could have developed irrigation systems, greenhouses and other agricultural programs. They could have recreated the beautiful, cosmopolitan and self-sufficient society of the high days of the Islamic Empire.

Ironically, had they done this, they could have turned off the oil spigot any time they wanted and made the West squeal at will, with little in the way of repercussions on themselves. They could have made it so that oil money was such an insignificant addition to their everyday economy that the regular people wouldn't even notice if they decided to bring the West to its knees.

But they didn't. And the nice, fat Swiss bank accounts of the high and mighty of the oil-rich countries aren't doing the average person there the foggiest bit of good. Yasser Arafat, for example, was said to be one of the richest man in the world - his widow lives like a queen in Paris. Where did he get the money? Well, he stole it from his people, who for some reason blame the West for their self-inflicted misery. But I digress. Where the money went will probably never be known - except when it turns up as terrorist attacks.

They've got the tiger by the tail now. They can't cut off our oil, because it's their only source of income. And they can't justify selling it to us under the fundamentalist Islamic ideology. All they can do is fund terrorist groups and look the other way, while simultaneously trying to mitigate the effectiveness of these same groups because if they cause too much damage, the economy of the West will grind to a screeching halt - along with their own livelihood and protection from the fundamentalist Islamic terrorists, who would gleefully enjoy biting the hands that feed them.

To get back on track - England's version of homeland security is actually better than ours, largely because they don't have to worry as much as our agencies do about accidentally violating somebody's "rights." And to that end, they have video surveillance just about everywhere a terrorist would want to blow something up. They have it all on tape, in other words.

We don't, and we won't. And our version of homeland security isn't nearly as competent as England's to start with - our borders leak like a sieve and there is virtually no control over freight being shipped into our country. What does this mean?

I'll tell you. What it means is that it's only a matter of time until bombs start going off in New York and Los Angeles, Washington and Chicago, and.... a large city near you. If they can pull these attacks off in London, they can do it anywhere. That's a fact.

Question, class - if we pulled completely out of Iraq and Afghanistan today, would the bombings stop? Would it prevent bombings from happening here?

No, it would not. It's also time people woke up and realized this fact.

If the real goal of the terrorists was to stop military activity in the middle east, then if we capitulated, it would have the effect of stopping Islamic violence in the West.


The problem is, that's not their goal.

Their goal is to eradicate democracy everywhere and instigate Sharia in a grand implementation of Muhammad's plan to force the world to convert to Islam by swordpoint. And just because the Catholic Church didn't succeed with this same plan before doesn't mean that Islam won't succeed with it now. Things aren't the same now.

They're far, far worse. A tiger by the tail, indeed. We have that same tiger's tail, and since we chose not to wean ourselves from oil while we had the chance after 1973, we can only play the game with them. We can't refuse to buy oil, because our own economy would crash and burn about ten minutes afterward. And even if we did, it wouldn't matter. Why? Because China is more than willing to buy anything we don't want to buy. China is a new player in this game, and they, like Islam, care not one whit about the welfare of the West. The game is now perilous, indeed. And it's a game we can't win.

So, class, what do you think? Continue the game in hopes of finding some advantage, or choose not to play?

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