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Entry for Thursday, 28 July, 2005

I guess I spoke too soon about the shuttle program being out of trouble...

It appears that the problem is - drum roll, please - environmentalist wackos. Yes, they pressured Nasa to change the ingredients of the foam they manufacture for the shuttle to eliminate the Freon used in the process - and the stuff hasn't worked right since.

This is a clear example of the results of trying to appease the unappeasable at the expense of sound scientific and technological decision-making. Enough said.


That being said, there are some environmentally friendly steps one can take that do make sense, both from a scientific and a health perspective. First and foremost, stop buying food packaged in plastic containers or bottles. Plastic is made from petrochemicals - in other words, oil. The chemicals leach into the food and over time accumulate in your body and adversely affect your health. Instead, buy things packaged in glass bottles. Well, you might say, most convenience foods are packaged in plastic wrap of some kind or another. My reply: why are you buying that junk? Very little that you ever really need to buy comes in anything other than the wrapper nature gave it, wax paper, or a plain old-fashioned cardboard box. If the food you are buying requires special packaging and plastic to stay "fresh," then it is not fresh, it is full of chemicals, additives, and unnatural processed products that you shouldn't be eating anyway. Real "fresh" food isn't nearly that hard to package.

Second, stop using your air-conditioning immediately. It uses dangerous chemicals and way too much electricity. People survived thousands of years without air conditioning. So can you.

Third, get rid of your car. If you don't live close enough to mass transportation, then move.

Fourth, for those of you who refuse to live in the city center - stop using pesticides and herbicides and fertilizers on your lawns. They end up back in your drinking water, you know.

Americans are "conveniencing" themselves to death - or at least to obesity, heart disease, diabetes, and strokes. Stop it. Learn to cook real food. Walk and ride the subways and trains like the rest of the world. (Notice I don't say buses. Buses are a joke.) If your grass is more important to you than your environment, you have seriously screwed up priorities. Poisoning yourself in the name of fashion and convenience isn't very convenient or fashionable. I have yet to see a cancer patient as a runway model, for obvious reasons.


And speaking of convenience (and unlikeliness of being fashionable), Iraq's new government is finding it inconvenient to have the US forces there inhibiting them from being able to deal with the insurgents as they would like to - which I presume is somewhat more harsh than international rules generally allow. Better to get rid of them with no witnesses around, wouldn't you say? It's hard to have a civil war with all those UN troops around, after all. If you want to exterminate your enemies, look to the shining example of Sudan. They've killed just about every black native and christian there with hardly a peep from the UN. Iraq is too high profile with the Western troops there. When they're gone, well, then Iraq can play the way they want to play - to hell with world stability! The power and prestige of crushing your enemies and implementing your own agenda (which may or may not involve biting the hand that's been feeding you) will more than compensate for the problems the civil war will cause the rest of the world. Who cares about the rest of the world? Infidels all, they.


Meanwhile, in the rest of the world, Americans are still too "politically correct" to admit that every single terrorist is a Muslim and therefore Muslims needs to be targeted for searches and surveillance. Homeland security apparently still believes that randomly searching your grandmother will protect the country from terrorism. By the way, as soon as I get old enough, I want to join that granny terrorist cell. We'll torture the western infidels with the smell of homemake cookies that we won't let them eat - and then knit them to death. Or maybe crochet, since I never actually learned to knit. Oh, wait. We should target knitting classes for surveillance! Those grannies might be plotting to overthrow Western civilization with their knitting needles even as we speak! Oh, despair and agony! We are all in terrible danger! Didn't you know those medic-alert bracelets and safety-necklaces are really secret terrorist communication devices? When they visit their grandkids they're really indoctrinating them with terrorist propoganda and secretly hypnotizing them to rise up and strike a blow for grannies everywhere at a later date!

Gee, though - we can't target grannies, either. That wouldn't be politically correct. Too bad. I guess we'll just have to let our civilization be destroyed. After all, we know who are enemies are - but it wouldn't look nice if we protected ourselves from them. And looking nice is so much more important, wouldn't you say?

And of course, you want to allow your children and spouse and friends to be sacrificed on the altar of political correctness, don't you?

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