Sunday, November 19, 2006

They teach killing, then wonder why they kill.

Entry for Tuesday, 03 January, 2006

I was watching the news earlier today and saw a report that some idiot had killed her toddler by pouring scalding water on him as a punishment, while the child's grandmother just stood there and did nothing. Just what made her think that this was a good idea, exactly? Is this something that she had done to her as a child? Or is she just so self-absorbed and enraged that inflicting pain on the child was the only thought in her head? I'm betting it's the latter. My own mother was the same way - she beat and hit and smacked her children just for the sheer joy of inflicting pain - there was absolutely no strategy or organized methodology of discipline, no chart on the wall that said "if you do A, I'll hit you, and if you do B, I'll beat you with a belt." No, just the pure evil thrill of hurting people. That's what that poor child experienced. But consider this, class. This woman didn't just fly off the handle. She had to stop and boil the water before torturing the child. Not only did this woman get off on inflicting pain on the child, but it was premeditated. And the grandmother just sat there - and how much of that inaction was in fear of her daughter?

This, class, is what society has become. Children and old people have no right to life anymore - they are disposable, they are worth nothing, or they only have the value that their guardians say they have, and no more. This is where abortion and euthanasia lead, and nowhere else. A right to kill a child in the womb is no different from the right to kill a child out of the womb, and the reasons they kill the unborn are the same reasons they are killing the born. Every last one of these crimes is committed by someone who believes they have the right to kill, and they got this belief from abortion and from euthanasia - why? Because they are told they have this right.

The modern generation of girls has been raised to believe that if they are inconvenienced, angered or shamed by their child, that it is a perfectly good solution to commit murder.

There is no point in the pro-abortionists claiming that they teach no such thing, because they most obviously do. There is no point in the pro-abortionists claiming that they never teach anyone to hurt an already born baby - because everyone knows that if your child is inadvertently born alive in an abortion clinic that they kill it anyway or just let it die, because that's what their clients want them to do. They practice infanticide, and their actions speak so much louder than their words.

And, of course, even if there is some clinic out there that would and does call an ambulance immediately if a child is born alive and tries to save its life (which I seriously doubt), it still makes no difference, because everybody knows that the only difference between an unborn baby and a born one is about 60 seconds. The unborn are just as human and just as alive as the born are, and everybody knows this. Lying to themselves that there is somehow some magical difference between a 23 week old preemie and a 23 week old abortion victim is pointless. and every even moderately intelligent person knows it.

So it's time to look the ugly truth in the face, class. Killing unborn babies doesn't make "every born baby a wanted baby." Killing the unborn makes people callous and unfeeling towards the born. Those who repent and are horrified by what they have done would never pour boiling water on their child later. Those who justify to themselves that there is nothing wrong with abortion have actually killed a part of themselves - a part of their own souls. The same way the Nazis and their supporters decided it was perfectly fine to kill Jews and Gypsies and other "inferior races" by deciding to classify them as "not human," the abortion industry has tried to wipe the blood off of their own hands - and nobody is fooled. I would be curious to know if this girl had had an abortion previously, or knew close friends or relatives who had. Want to make a bet?

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