Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Above the Law - Not.

I usually read Failed Messiah's webpage first after checking my email when I go online, and today there was an all-too-familiar call for somebody to do something about the complete unwillingness of the Ultra-Orthodox community to do anything about the pedophiles preying on children in various yeshivas. With this article in mind, I ran across this older blurb from another website, this one dealing with parenting teens in the Jewish world by Rabbi Horowitz, also of Monsey, Ny.


There is a gambling establishment located above one of the more popular restaurants in the Flatbush section of Brooklyn. It is run and operated by non-religious people from the former Soviet Union and is almost exclusively frequented by frum, white-shirted kids. (A frum therapist informed me that he is treating several couples that lost their entire savings and wedding gifts at similar establishments that cater to frum teens and young adults.) It is common knowledge that if you want to play a good game of “Texas” Poker, that is the place to go. The entrance to this establishment is several feet from where hundreds of frum parents walk each day. WHY IS THE PLACE STILL OPEN? I heard about it from the kids weeks ago. If a 40-something, charedi Menahel with a day job like myself found out about this, why couldn’t you, my readers, do the same? Why aren’t we pressuring our elected officials to crack down on substance abuse? Are we concerned about making a chilul Hashem? Are we afraid to make waves? I have had conversations with quite a number of well-placed individuals over the years. The police and elected officials are of the opinion that our community has neither the stomach nor the desire to clean up our streets. And, off the record, they feel that if there is an arrest of a (frum) drug pusher, “We will get calls from the rabbis” to release him.


Here is the crux of the problem, the reason why Failed Messiah, UOJ and others have accomplished very little to remove the known pedophiles from teaching and administering in schools and children's programs in the Ultra-Orthodox community. Did you see it? It's the very last line: We will get calls from the rabbis to release the criminals, the government complains. They can't prosecute or hold pedophiles or racketeers or anyone else from the Ultra-Orthodox community because the Rabbis claim holding a frum Jew accountable for their crimes is anti-Semitism, not justice. Why is that, class? Why is it when a goy fondles or rapes a child, it's a terrible crime, and the slimeball deserves to go to jail forever, but when a supposedly frum Jew does it, then it's persecution or discrimination if he is prosecuted according to the law of the land? Is this right? Does anybody really believe this is right?

If you do, then you have a serious mental problem, because it is not right. A criminal should never be shielded from prosecution just because they are Jewish - that is the worst form of racism there is. It's ugly and it needs to stop. There is nothing supernatural about Jews - we are ordinary people and there are those among us who commit crimes, just as in the rest of society, and there is no legal or moral reason why someone should get away with any crime just because they represent themselves as a frum Jew.

If you are a parent, what do you think? Is it ok to send a known pedophile from some other community to yours, knowingly, to shield them from prosecution? Is this your idea of justice, simply moving the criminal on to a new, fresh smorgasbord of victims?

If someone commits a fraud or scam on people in one community and gets caught, should he just be moved on to your community? You think this is ok, class? If you do, then I feel sorry for you, because you are intellectually and morally dead.

The veil of silence has got to be lifted. We are not above the law. This is a sick and twisted philosophy born of sheer arrogance. We are not "better" than everyone else, and we are not entitled to any special treatment under the law - we are supposed to be equal. By pretending we are superior to the law, more crimes will be committed and go unpunished, because more Rabbis will call the local officials and complain when a Jew gets caught being a criminal. Later, you won't have to wonder why the goy population turns on us - we have done it to ourselves by pretending to be superior and deserving of special privileges the other races don't get.

Is that right, class? Is that what you want, class? If not, do something. Turn criminals in to the local authorities - that's your job, and you can't shrug your shoulders and say someone else should do it. Stand up and defend real morality and real justice. If you are not part of the solution, then you are part of the problem. And Hashem sees you.

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