Sunday, November 19, 2006

Supplement to an earlier post.

You know, I wanted to say more about the "natural paradigm" of the family unit, but from a slightly different take. Specifically, I want to point out the twisted and skewed treatment of young mothers by the Yeshiva culture. In these communities, women are forced to work outside the home, and to dump their kids into herds in (Jewish) daycare centers. They do this so their husbands can sit around all day praying and "learning." Here is the absolute worst of all worlds: not only are these women not really emancipated, they have been sold into slavery by their husbands and the Rabbinate. They are exploited for money by the Rabbinate, and they are exploited by their employers because they can't quit. As if that wasn't enough, their children have been taken from them to be raised by strangers (badly paid strangers, at that), by people who don't know the children well and don't respect their individuality - especially their teenage sons, who are expected to themselves go to the Yeshiva and continue living as parasites, not being permitted to get a job even when they turn 18.

So the Yeshiva culture is a parasite living off of the work of women - they claim this work is noble, but it certainly is not. There is no light at the end of that tunnel. The men attending the Yeshivas learn no marketable skills (real college is considered evil) - and there are not even a fraction of the positions available for Rabbis out there than there are students in these Yeshivas. They are therefore incapable of earning a sufficient income to support their families.

And the behavior of the kids who have been raised in herds in daycare centers is atrocious. They are ill-bred, disobedient, disrespectful, and incredibly destructive even when playing - though I'm sure they don't mean to be. They just absolutely don't know any better. I know several examples and I kid you not, those kids are hopeless.

Another interesting thing I found out in New York is that in some communities, most of the Chasidic people aren't legally married. Of course, they had a rabbinic wedding - but they don't have the necessary licenses and permits from the state of New York for a legal marriage. That means for government purposes, most of the kids there are illegitimate. The excuse given is that they "don't have" to comply with the law of the land.

What I suspect, though, is that since all of these women are now "working single mothers" they just do it to get welfare and health benefits. That makes the Yeshiva culture doubly parasitic - they live off the slavery of their wives and the tax dollars paid by the rest of us. I hope I'm wrong about this, but I'll bet in the majority of cases, I'm not. Because the men refuse to get an education that actually leads to gainful fulltime market-rate employment, the poverty rate among Yeshiva families is well above any normal community. The truth is that women will never be able to earn as much as men - their family duties prevent it. As long as the men sit around all day contributing nothing to the community's economy, the kids have to stay in herds, and the women are exploited - and so are the taxpayers. What a great community. Don't you want to live there? I don't - not anymore. It's disgraceful.

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