Sunday, November 19, 2006

Supplemental entry.

I am sad to report the retirement of Unorthodox Jew at, because it wasn't until I started reading his blog that I realized how extensively corrupt and sinful the ultra-orthodox communities of the northeast US really are. It's one thing to think you've just got a bad apple - it's another to find out that finding good ones in the barrel is extremely difficult. UOJ is a resident and a frum Jew who wrote in his blog the things that happened to him in his childhood and youth, and gave his first-hand knowledge of things going on even now in the frum communities. Personally, I am astonished that the Rabbinate of Israel ignores the blatant lies, fraud, and desecration of God's name that goes on there and continues to pretend these communities are functional and viable frum communities. I have read almost all of the posts, going back a couple of years, and paid particular attention to news and scandals from the Monsey, NY area. I have followed up with other websites, other blogs, and news reports corroborating the testimony of the victims on UOJ's page, and everything I have read sickens me.

Reading the discussion threads from UOJ's posts was enlightening. For the heinous crime of telling the stories of sexual abuse victims and outing various scams, thefts, and injustices in these communities, several readers posted what they hoped were blistering insults using truly retarded reasoning and language. Instead, these posts simply prove UOJ's point. The frum community is too stupid, apparently, and too arrogant to admit there are gross and obvious flaws in their actions and philosophies. Anyone else can see it clearly - which is why they are so happy that UOJ's not writing about them anymore. Their false and self-serving definition of lashon hara is so obviously just that - false and self-serving - to be laughable, and every post they put there defending scammers and child abusers just made the ultra-orthodox communities look more and more medieval and immoral, and unreformable.

It's amusing the lengths people will go to when trying to defend vile, indefensible acts. But the point is telling and is worth pointing out - NEVER did any of these idiots on the discussion board actually stoop so low as to say there's nothing wrong with a supposed Rabbi banging his students, male or female. Even when I challenged one directly no one was willing to say there's nothing wrong with frum married girls going down to the welfare office and claiming to be sluts with illegitimate children to collect welfare. No, instead they all cried to me and especially to UOJ, "you can't say that! That's lashon hara!"

Bull-malarky. It's way past time somebody called it like it is. It's GOOD if they're embarassed by someone telling the truth, because that's the only way the lies and abuse will STOP. And it is a terrible, terrible LIE to claim, as one idiot said on the discussion board, that it's a WORSE crime for someone to say something bad about these "Rabbis" than the CRIME of molesting little children. A WORSE crime??? Who are these morons kidding? Do they really think God is buying that arguement? No one with even half a brain is, I assure you. These people are the ones who make Jews look abhorrent to the outside world, not UOJ. Every goy who reads these responses to UOJ simply is receiving "confirmation" from the frummies own keyboards that the Jewish people are immoral, thieving scum who deserve to be persecuted, ridiculed, and legislated out of existence. It is these idiots defending the indefensible that put the rest of us Jews in danger, and it is they who need to be shamed into silence, not UOJ.

And as long as the people in the frum communities are allowing these scams and crimes to continue, they are complicit and guilty themselves of every besmirching of God's name that goes on in the frum/yeshiva culture. What is clear, though, is that their solution is not to stop desecrating God's name. No, their solution is the same as their murderous forefathers in the Tanakh as recorded by the Nevi'im - to get rid of the messenger. It's the message they fear, not God's retribution for their reprehensible acts. And so they are despicable and deserve all the humiliation they get.

It's a shame that the grotesque labels that belong on them will end up stuck to the rest of us. And it makes me angry. It should make you angry, too. If it doesn't, then I suggest you have your moral compass checked, because there's something wrong with it.

Class dismissed.

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