Thursday, December 28, 2006

Global Warming

Regarding my recent post about the blech, being accused of being an environmental wacko was bound to follow, and I want to say for the recored that yes, I do "believe in" global warming. What I do not "believe" is that man has any significant impact on it.

Global warming is caused by a combination of factors including the earth's wobbly orbit (it's not the same every year, you know. It cycles in and out.), the earth wobbly rotation on its axis (again, it cycles back and forth.), solar cycles (the sun is tempermental in some cycles, and the cycles themselves go up and down in intensity), and plate tectonics. Yes, you heard me. Plate tectonics. Here is a graphic from the latest issue of Scientific American Magazine:

Notice anything funny about Florida? Oh, yeah. It's under water. The continents do not sit still - they float, like boats, on an ocean of molten magma. The farther "up" they are on this ocean's "waves," the cooler the surface temperature. The lower down you are, the hotter it is. And guess what else? When the continents lower, the shoreline disappears under the water line. It's not rocket fuel science - it's geology 101.

And yes, we're talking tiny incremental change over years, but hey - that's what global warming is. Combine that with unruly solar cycles and you get heat, class. Cars have nothing to do with it - as many have said repeatedly, one volcano a year belches more crud into the atmosphere than every car on earth. One terribly unruly volcano alone could cause an ice age by completely blocking the sun's rays for years on end - just as the global warming crowd claims your car will do. Anybody remember the year without a summer? When the Themes froze over and all that? (No, of course you don't. That was before anyone reading this was born.) But the point is that one obnoxious volcano in the southern hemisphere fouled up the weather up here in the northern hemisphere for quite a while. Conversely, did you ever wonder if there is some particular reason why global warming enthusiasts always start their graphs and charts after the mid 1800's? They cherry-pick their starting point.

“Tree ring analysis found striking similarities between 20th century increases in global temperature and the Medieval Warm Period -- a period lasting from 1330 AD to 1600 AD which saw similar increases in temperature.”{Carnell} “It does show that there are processes within the Earth’s natural climate system that produce larges changes that might be viewed as comparable to what we have seen in the 20th century.”{Carnell} If you look at the charts of global warming and world temperatures you may notice that they all only go back a 150 years or less. But if you go back farther on your charts, say about to 300 years, then you would notice that the temperature were going up and down at times when modern machines hadn’t been invented. The scientists had made their charts for only when temperatures were higher. “But Corbyn points out that the period they take as their starting point –around 1880- was colder then average. What’s more, the timing of temperature changes does not appear to support the theory of global warming. Most of the rise came before 1940 --- before human-caused emissions of ‘greenhouse’ gases became significant. {Lack}" [Excerpt from my son's school report on global temperatures]

Those medieval monks and Rabbis must have been secretly driving their Hondas and Mitsubishis while the rest of us were still hitching our oxen to our carts. According to the real environmentalist wackos, class, that's the only reason the earth could have warmed up back then. Amazing, isn't it?

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