Thursday, December 28, 2006

Real Chilul Hashem

For those of you who have not seen it, here is the video about the arrogant Rabbi in New York who paid someone to install official-looking emergency lights and sirens on his crown victoria and proceeded to use those items to rid himself of the traffic inconveniences that the rest of us mere mortals have to put up with every day.

YouTube Reckless Rabbi News crew Investigative Report, aired on New York television

The report is bad enough, but what follows on the You Tube site are member comments. I want to cut and paste these for you, so you can see what the orthodox Rabbis are bringing on the rest of us with their arrogant, unethical, immoral, and outrageous behavior. I did not cherry-pick these posts (but I did blank out the vile language) - these are all the 18 posts that were on You Tube as of two minutes ago when I cut and pasted them. And yes, you can tell by a lot of their screen-names that many of them were anti-semitic to start with, but that's not the point. The point is that not all of them are so obvious, and with things like this in the news, more and more people will come to agree with the posters.

Now, the Rabbis will counter that if we just shut up and don't publicize their questionable practices, the public can't be outraged or react against us. But the Rabbis need to understand that the days of being able to live in mafia-style secrecy are over. This was on the national news. As more and more sin, fraud, and uncleanness is uncovered in the Rabbi-controlled communities, the public isn't going to blame the few scumbags. No, they will say that all Jews are lying, cheating, manipulative and are immorally taking advantage of the welfare money, the insurance premiums, the investment money, and other contributions of the American Taxpayers and honest citizens throughout the nation.

So the Rabbinic rulings that enable this sort of behavior towards the goyim and the non-orthodox have got to stop! The era of "tolerance" and "multiculturalism" is just about over, class. People are tired of having "tolerance" rammed down their throats. People in American society are tired of the "tyrrany of the minorities." The live and let live attitude is vanishing into the thin air. In its place will arise an insistence on conformity that may well start with the hajib but will surely end with the kippot. This is a historical trend of philosophy and society that cannot be ignored. The more the Rabbis make themselves look arrogant, backward, non-scientific, foolish, and out of accord with the written Bible revered by the vast majority of Americans, the more they make all Jews a target of hate towards non-conformists.

Anti-semitism is on the rise in this country and around the world. We can no longer say, however, that all of the fear and loathing of us is undeserved. We give boy babies Herpes at their brits with medieval, lewd practices that make even nominal christians cringe with disgust. We cover up sexual abuse, spousal abuse, and child abuse with social terrorism - firmly believing that some imaginary separation of church and state can stop the government from interfering. We improperly collect welfare benefits, insurance claims, and swindle people with pyraid schemes and unethical Rabbinic rulings - etc. etc. ad nauseum. Do you not see???? Saying "only a few do this," or "My community doesn't do this" is worthless! To the rest of the world, everyone in a black suit looks alike! That means we CANNOT tolerate these things any longer by any group or community! If not, we have brought persecution on ourselves! We have made ourselves odious to decent, moral people not because of Torah - no, not because of Torah - but because we blatantly disobey the Torah, and every person of every sect of Judaism and Christianity and Islam that reads the written Torah can see it plainly. And the backlash starts with hateful comments like these, and ends with hateful violence:

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pfsdetroit (5 days ago)
WOOPS 5000 Years CANT be wrong!
geeze ;)

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pfsdetroit (5 days ago)
Another pathetic Zionist. Probably dual citizenship as well. Complete and utter 'f__k the GOY attitude'. What else can I say expect 5000 years of 'oppression' can be wrong!
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kunglig88 (1 week ago)
this is unbleaveble. Dont they have a own country now, ship that f___er back or give him a "shower". 14/88
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cellQ (2 weeks ago)
A harmless example on the unbealivable arrogance from high ranked jews. Their power in the US is litteraly poisoning the nation.
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mightisright (2 weeks ago)
Gets a ten on my Jewmeter.
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AgoliantMystified (2 weeks ago)
I hope Iran nukes Israel back to hell where jews can be with their master.
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PFunkstein (2 weeks ago)
Horrible! They are the people that ruined our country and you make tons of mistakes you jew
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Aryan1488forever (2 weeks ago)
This Jew should be in jail. He's typical of all Jews, they think they can lie,cheat and steal and if you complain your anti-simetic. Ask the people who work the diamond mines what they think of Jews.
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kickdrum (2 weeks ago)
Greedy k___ bastard. Thinks he's too good to wait in traffic like us "goyim". They should impound his k___-mobile.
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netscion (3 weeks ago)
And the thing that REALLY chaps my caboose... "...the NYPD and Port Authority have decided to part ways with rabbi..." You ever think what would happen if one of you goyim got caught doing that crap? And I hope that just popped your "oh they've been persecuted for 2000+ years because they have big noses and funny hair" bubble, anti
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stephan288 (3 weeks ago)
F___ing jewish shm___!!! Gas that Motherf_...

pino18 (3 weeks ago)
f___ing k___

SupportWhiteCulture0 (3 weeks ago)
F___ing Jews

Widerstand88 (3 weeks ago)
Typical Jew. 14.88

dreamsofmineus (3 weeks ago)
Typical jew

thchronic (3 weeks ago)
What a J3VV!

IHeartDieWaffenSS (3 weeks ago)
"When I Make A Mistake, I Apologize." HaHaHaHaHa. It Honestly Made Me Laugh My Ass Off. Correction, It Should Be; "When I Get Caught, I Apologize To Lessen Any Possible Consequences."

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Steven B. said...

Shalom, Shalom Bayit,

I found your site through

As a Jew, it is utterly sickening to see these black-hatted and black-hearted rabid rabbis getting away with what they do. Both on a religious level and a secular level, they are indeed causing the non-Jews to hate us more.

It has come to the point that I wish to throw off completely the rabbinic yoke and propaganda that I was fed for eight years of my life. They make a mockery of God, the Holy Torah and Am Yisra'el.

With arrogant, ignorant, pompous "Jews" like these (pedophiles, misogynsts, liars, frauds, and cheaters) who needs gentile enemies?

Isaiah 1:1

smb said...

It's so sad that this is going on. It wouldn't happen if people stuck with the morals and ethics of the Torah instead of giving in to their temptation to do what's wrong.