Monday, December 18, 2006

Results of Fiat Currency, part II

The second half of the article...


Report - China To Dump
One Trillion In US Reserves
Chinese tell visiting Bush administration officials they will not sit back
and lose their shirts as U.S. Dollar collapses; they are getting out fast and large.

This would cause a worldwide sell-off of dollars, create almost immediate "hyper-inflation" in the US and also impact world markets at a level "worse than the Great Depression of 1929."

Arabs to the rescue? In a strange twist of fate, Arabs and OPEC may come to the rescue of the U.S.! Senior officials in OPEC made clear that they too would be severely harmed if the U.S. Dollar collapsed, and hinted they "would not be inclined to sell oil to any particular nation that intentionally caused such a collapse." This was a thinly veiled threat to China, which depends heavily on OPEC oil for its rapidly developing energy needs. The OPEC officials even went so far as to say "Since China lacks the ability to project their military power, OPEC nations need not worry about any Chinese military response to an oil cut-off."

Such brutally candid remarks will not sit well with China; and signal ominous things for the U.S. Arabs and OPEC will want something in return for saving the U.S. from economic collapse and it is already widely speculated what they want will be a complete change in U.S. backing of Israel in the Middle East. If such demands are made by the oil-rich Arabs, the U.S. would be left with little choice but to virtually abandon the Jewish state to preserve itself.

UPDATE - 10:18 PM 12-14-6
The Washington Post confirms. . . .
'US, China Clash On Currency'

Saturday, December 16, 2006:

Additional sources, one in the U.S. Commerce Department and another in the US Treasury have confirmed the initial report above and referred me to another, Third, source in the Pentagon. Both the Commerce and Treasury Sources report that while China will not be able to simply trade their Dollars for other paper currencies, they will spend their U.S. Cash on commodities such as gold, silver and Rhodoium as well as military hardware; ships and planes, placing large orders and paying for those orders with the one point one trillion in cash dollars they possess.

Extreme Military Concern: In speaking with the contact at the Pentagon, I am able to now report the Pentagon views this currency-killing as a cunning military aspect to Chinese plans: The Pentagon says that while China has a 2 Million man army, they lack the logistics and heavy lift capability to move that army and supply it. They can, however, get that military to South Korea and to Japan.

The Chinese see that the U.S. Military is over-stretched and almost exhausted by its globe trotting Commander-In-Chief. They feel that by intentionally destabilizing the dollar, the U.S. economy will fail, putting tens of millions of Americans on the unemployment line and putting unbearable pressure on the US Government.

Then, with the U.S. economy in shambles and its manufacturing base eroded by a steady stream of manufacturing plants moving out of the US., the American government will be too occupied with troubles at home to do much internationally. America will be in no position to challenge China, allowing the Chinese to act militarily elsewhere in the world;

Further, if the U.S. attempted to intervene against any Chinese military action, the only plant in the world which can manufacture the specialized gyros needed for U.S. Cruise Missile guidance systems, is now located in. . . . .China.

China could prevent that plant from shipping to the U.S., and once our arsenal of cruise missiles was depleted, it would take a long time to re-tool a plant to make more gyros and resupply cruise missiles for battle. The Chinese feel they could accomplish certain military goals before the U.S. could re-tool.

They are also confident the U.S. will never "go nuclear" as long as the U.S. itself is not attacked.

The Pentagon source went so far as to say "Even if China was to lose the entire one trillion in cash to a collapse of the Dollar as a currency, they will have succeeded in taking the U.S. off the world stage as any type of effective military or economic power -- without firing a shot!" A 'classic' Sun Tzu paradigm of victory - the art of fighting, without fighting.

The crippling of the US is a highly desirable military benefit for China at a relatively cheap price since it will leave their human capital and infrastructure assets in place; assets they know they would lose if a hot war erupted with the US.


So the US will have no choice but to sell out Israel in return for economic stability and a (supposed) cessation of terrorist threats. Of course, the Arabs may in fact stop worrying about America, since it will be clear to everyone that we are now a paper tiger not worth worrying about.

What you are seeing here, class, is the end of the Pax Americana.

All of those democracies and small countries that have been counting on the US to protect them from tyrrany and invasion are now pretty much on their own, and that certainly includes Israel - and by extension, Jews everywhere. As Sharia is recognized or even made law in more and more municipalities, Jews can kiss their affluent western security goodbye. I'm not the first to say it, and I won't be the last, but there it is.

The question for Western Jews is now this: Do the more than 50% of Western Jews who are not orthodox decide they don't mind being ridiculed, belittled, and harassed by the ultra-orthodox and go live in Israel, knowing their status, their marriages, and their kids will be questioned if not outright rejected, since the ultra-orthodox have been given carte blanche by the secular government to run personal private religious affairs like marriage and conversion? Or do they stay in the West and try to duck and cover, like the Jews of pre-war Germany and Austria - hoping things blow over?

That's wasn't a very successful strategy last time, class.

But lots if not most of us will do it, rather than to submit to the oppression and religious discrimination of the ultra-orthodox when trying to make Aliyah. So here we are.

An article said recently, "Why deny the holocaust?" So the next one won't look so bad, that's why.

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