Friday, December 01, 2006

What feminazis don't want you to know about economics.

First the story.....


More moms are staying home
By: Preston Rudie

Tampa, Florida - Lindsay Bomstein and her husband Josh couldn't be happier with their newborn son William. But when William was born 2 months ago, the South Tampa couple also had to make a decision. Would Lindsay continue to work full-time, earning more than $30,000 a year at a non-profit agency, or would she stay at home with her new son.

"I think if you go back to work you wonder what it's like to be home,” Lindsay tells me, “and if you stay home you wonder what it's like to be at work." In the end, Lindsay decided to stay at home. "When we started looking at the numbers, I wasn't making a ton of money and it just didn't make a lot of sense for us to pay for daycare."

The decision has also meant the Bomsteins have had to tighten their budget, and “being more aware,” Lindsay says, “not going to get a $5 cup of coffee every other day. We're definitely more conscious of what we are spending."

Statistics suggest more new moms are making the same decision that the Bomsteins made. However, financial planners like Janice Barlow of Raymond James say staying at home to raise a child, may not be as big of a financial sacrifice as some might think."I think when they look at the two salaries together and the tax bracket,” Barlow says, “when they take away, usually the mother has to stay home, and it really isn't as traumatic as they thought and the mother often chooses not to go back."

Barlow points out that couples like the Bomsteins don't actually lose a $30,000 a year salary, just the take home pay following taxes. Second, she says losing a salary may drop a family into a lower tax bracket. Plus, she says a new child means a tax exemption.

Then there are the possible savings of not having to pay for child care or gas driving to and from work. Barlow says families can also reduce other expenses like going out to dinner, trips, even dry cleaning. After looking at a family's budget, staying at home may be an option that some thought was impossible.

Lindsay says by staying at home, her family is losing about $100 a week. But she says it's well worth it because "The time we are spending together, it's wonderful for me and I hope wonderful for him (William)."

For more information on saving money as a stay at home mom, click here.
Preston Rudie, Tampa Bay's 10 News


I would like to recommend a book to you today, called The Two Income Trap.

I read this book a few years ago, and you can now get used copies of it at for about $4.00, so it's not going to break anybody's bank. The premise of the book is just what this article is talking about: women have been conned by the feminazi movement to believe that they must dump their kids in daycare and work in order for their family to be happy. I would like to add that at the same time the feminazis have told men that it's not their job to provide for their family's income, that women should have to share 50% in that function. Neither is true.

What is true, is that women earn less than men at the same jobs except at very high corporate levels where women have decided not to have children at all and have devoted their lives to their career instead. If you don't want to be one of those women, then you need to realize some economic realities: Two incomes only means the government is getting twice or more what they should be taking from your family. In the end, people end up living off of credit cards because when the woman works, the expenses of working actually end up being more than her take-home pay if she has children. This book shows, using several cases at various income levels, that couples with children are actually more financially secure and less in debt if the mom stays home and takes care of her family duties until the kids are all old enough not to need Mom all day anymore - and I would add that in this day and age of teens coming home after school alone and having sex, doing drugs, "borrowing" their friend's violent video games and x-rated music and DVD's and whatever, probably means until they go to college.

Women have been sold a bill of goods. This is not to say that a woman can't have a job or volunteer for a charity while the kids are in school, but it does mean that job should necessarily be temporary and part time - if the kids are out of school (Fall break, winter break, spring break, summer break, holidays, etc.) then at that very moment whatever money you would have made working becomes a negative monetary force which sucks the life out of your checkbook instead of putting resources into it! And it is never, ever, cost effective to put pre-school kids into daycare in a two parent family. It's true! Competent financial advisors have done the math. (Which is a good thing, too, because math isn't my thing).

If you have been struggling with the unnatural feminazi paradigm, if your are tired of having your kids raised in herds by people who will never know and love them the way you do, if your kids are unhappy being separated from you at tender ages, then stop buying the crap you're being fed and do the right thing for your kids and your family - and working isn't the right thing! Read this book and see for yourself. I did and have been living this "revolution" - and I love it and my kids love. Motherhood is not slavery, contrary to the feminazi belief. I am free - being at the mercy of some corporation that dictates to you how to spend your days, that is slavery. My time is my own to use as I see fit - real tyranny is when your day is owned by a corporate taskmaster whose goal is to get the most "productivity" (read "profit") out of you as they can. I urge you to be free and choose life, not servitude. You'll be amazed at how liberating it is.