Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Feel that breeze? The whirlwind is coming.

French panel recommends measures to keep religion out of hospitals
The Associated Press
Published: January 29, 2007

PARIS: A report issued Monday by a government-appointed panel recommended that France adopt a charter to keep religious traditions and beliefs out of its hospitals and other institutions.

Far softer than a 2004 law that banned Muslim head scarves and other "ostentatious" religious signs from public classrooms, the proposed charter is, like the head scarf law, an effort to ensure the secular nature of France.

Tensions over religious beliefs in French hospitals, prisons and elsewhere have mounted in recent years, particularly as Muslim fundamentalists find a voice. With an estimated 5 million Muslims, Islam is the second religion in France.

Plans to draw the line on what is considered unacceptable behavior in hospitals, carrying risks for patients, were first raised three years ago during the debate over Muslim head scarves. Jean- Pierre Raffarin, who was prime minister at the time, said that hospitals were the next target.

In May, Prime Minister Dominique de Villepin asked the High Council on Integration to prepare recommendations to ensure secularism in public institutions. It submitted its proposal for a charter on Monday...


I wrote some months ago that a subtle sociological current was beginning to move, a current that will carry society away from tolerance and multi-culturalism and toward a rigid insistence on conformity. I mentioned that it would start with the hajib, but would end with the talit, because it always does. This trend is in a battle with the Islamitization of the West, which I have described in earlier posts. It remains to be seen which will win in America - probably Islam will win there, because Americans haven't even figured out they're in a battle, much less how to win it. But I am of the opinion that in Europe and her colonies, rampant secularism will prevail.

Now we are seeing some larger signs of that current - the prevailing philosophy of the past several decades is changing, and the trend is now passing from subtle to noticeable. People have had it up to here with having aberrant and foreign religions and customs crammed down their throats. There is a time coming soon when secularism will be proclaimed "normal" and no other public display of belief will be tolerated.

People will welcome this trend at first, because it allows them to deal with their fear and hatred of violent Islamic terrorist actions, and their belief that they can and should force others to adopt their religious beliefs. But like all waves, this one won't just fall on one group - it will hit anybody on the beach of religious beliefs and practices. In order to stamp out visible signs of Islam, in order to provide equal protection/application of the law, all visible signs of all religions will have to be publicly barred. That is where we are going, slowly or quickly I can't yet tell. But the wind is picking up, and is now perceptible if you know how to look, class.

We are at the end of tolerance and the beginning of facism. From hospitals we will go to government buildings, and from there to all public places. What will follow will be harassment of people dressed distinctively, regardless of what culture or religion they represent. The government may pay lip service to freedom and respect for ancestral culture or religious beliefs, but will turn a blind eye to the growing sentiment of the public that different is bad, not good. Why? Because a people that will not conform to social trends will not conform to government edicts, either. We are all inherently enemies of the government because we have shown that we will not conform. We are dangerous to society, not beneficial. They don't want anyone else to think they don't have to conform - they want absolute control. That's where this is going, and nowhere else. Mark my words, class. This is the beginning of the end of freedom of conscience. You are seeing it with your own eyes - and harassment leads to persecution. Guess where persecution leads?

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