Tuesday, January 02, 2007

More Danger Signals - will we ignore them?

First, the story:

Pork soup kitchen not racist

From correspondents in Paris
January 03, 2007 09:11am
Article from: Reuters

A FRENCH organization with far-right links can keep distributing pork soup to the homeless, a court has ruled, rejecting police complaints that it is racist. Police banned the soup kitchen last month, saying the handouts discriminated against Jews and Muslims who do not eat pork on religious grounds. The administrative court said the distribution was "clearly discriminatory", but could not be stopped because the organisers offered to feed anyone who asked for help. The mayor of Paris condemned the ruling and urged the police to appeal the ruling. "Faced by this initiative which stinks of xenophobia, I want once again to express city hall's desire to fight all forms of discrimination, racism and anti-Semitism," mayor Bertrand Delanoe said.

The food handouts are organized by a nationalist group called Solidarity of the French (SDF). It says its "pig soup", which uses pork fat for stock, is country fare much loved by French traditionalists.

"No one has ever been able to prove that anyone has been refused soup or clothes on the grounds of their religion or race," SDF lawyer Frederic Pichon told France Info radio after today's court decision.


You've got to hand it to the SDF for their insidious reasoning and ability to use the law against Jews and Muslims. That was clever. This way, they continue to get funding but sill don't have to serve minorities they don't like, such as Jews or Muslims or Christain Protestant sects that follow Torah prohibitions. This, of course, leaves Catholics and most protestants, as well as unaffiliated ethnic French as their only customers. And they know it. And everybody knows they know it. And everybody knows they're doing it on purpose, for the sole and express purpose of discriminating.

No doubt they send their own poor to kosher and hallal friendly soup kitchens to make sure they drain the resources of those who are trying to help the poor regardless of their race or religion.

The only recourse against a group like this is to refuse to donate to them. They hope that the number of skinheads and racists among them are sufficient to offset the religious and racial minorities who would boycott them. It may be that they are right, but I certainly hope not. If they are, then I suggest it is high past time that Jews leave France and make Aliyah ASAP.

The same goes for American Jews, as I have said before - God has made no promise to protect anyone outside of Israel in the last days. New York and Paris are not the promised lands, and being unwilling to make Aliyah because you aren't willing to give up your social or financial position will leave God unwilling to help you when your social and financial positions are gone. Keep that in mind, class. There will be no golden age of universal tolerance and live-and-let-live where persecution and genocide disappear - no, Western culture is not capable of producing or enforcing such an age, contrary to popular belief. Remember this, class - we have our warnings. We now know what the goyim really think of us - our neighbors, the residents of the cities and counties and states where we live. They post it freely on the web, they aim their conversion efforts at us to change us, and they will increasingly legislate against us and eventually, turn violent against us. Neither human nature nor history has changed.

Will we continue to ignore God's warnings? And whose fault will it be if we do?

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