Thursday, January 04, 2007

No, you're not alone.

An excerpt from a comment posted on Failed Messiah's blog, the subject of which was an appeal by a Cheredi man collecting charity for Israeli Cheredi:


Yet, all I could think as he spoke, as I was giving him my information was, "I just can't send money to people who refuse to help themselves, and, in fact, stymie any internal efforts toward self-sufficiency."

As I walked to may car, I was thinking: "I can't send money to families that produce rock-throwing, rioting, blindly following, welfare cheating, tznius-Nazi stormtrooping, bleach throwing, store fire-bombing, dumpster torching, bus shelter vandalizing, ignorantly self-destructive agitating, dogmaticly anti-zionist propogating , maliciously boycotting, sex-abuse justifying, women hating, freeeloading deadbeats."

It made me sad. I love Jews of all stripes from both sides of the spectrum. In particular, I know that Chassidim are warmhearted and welcoming. I know the Satmar Bikkur Cholim is legendary for its chesed. I've been the recipient of certain kindness from Chassidim. I know that learning Torah is of utmost importance.

But I also know that Chassidishe, Yeshivishe, and Chareidi communities have created, perfected, and normalized unfathomably destructive trends and attitudes to Orthodoxy, in the process besmirching all religious Jews.

So to all Chareidim and Chassidim out there, there was a time when you had me at Hello. But now, to take a line from the movie Crash: You embarrass me. You embarrass yourself.

I'm wonderin' if I'm alone.

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