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What we have done to ourselves, part II

There is an article in the Times Herald Record about grants that a certain Chasidic community has received in New York. The article notes that some of the money allocated for certain projects was mis-directed to other, non-public, projects, but the main tone of the article was simply that this community had received 3.9 million in grants over the past so many years, citing their poverty and need for various public works projects. Here are the comments left by members of the community, and unlike the ones on You Tube, these are not skinheads - they are ordinary neighbors. And this is what they think of us, thanks to the ongoing disdain by the Rabbis for honesty, accountability, or simple decency toward the taxpayers and the goyim. I have alternated italics and non-italics to differentiate the different posters. Other than that, I have not edited or altered them in any way. There were 68 posts when I looked at them, I have here just cut and pasted the ones that made different points or multiple points:


Is anybody surprized? If there is free money to be had it goes to KJ. They dontpay crap in to it but get it. Hey Spitzer are you going to pad the way for them too. Politicians are afraid to go up against them and lose their bloc vote. But if one would there would probaly be a record turn out from other communitues for them. Its time for KJ to face uo to what they have done and the rest of us to help hold them responsible.

What do you mean poverty stricken, then how can they come around and offer $500,000 cash for our homes? What a freeking joke, that one person hit it right on the head, when on the front page a while back, he said "they are a parasite to the community."

This is another fine example of how sneaky and thiefing our freinds in KJ are. They only care about themselves and everyone else can go to hell. If you say anything about them they label you an antisemite and a jew basher. Politicians don't care because your one vote and they are 7000 votes so they will win everytime. They are a lot like politicans if you think about it. They lie, steal and cheat everyone, but when they get caught they deny everything and call names. So what, I am an antisemite and jew hater. I don't care, Label me all you want. The truth needs to be told.

The poverty rate quoted by KJ is a lie since it is common practice to donate property to a "religious" entity and then reap an under the table benefit such as reduced costs for housing. It is also a common practice to exist in a cash economy that makes tax collection all but impossible. Where is the IRS and NYS Tax bureau that dog the rest of us? Audit those people and recover what they are underpaying! What is the average tax bill paid by each household in income, state and propery tax? There should be a comparison of what that community pays into the state and local coffers with surrounding communities. If they are in such bad shape than the fed and state government should take over the village government and like happened to nyc place them under an impartial non-hasidic comptroller with buget power to end the abuse of our money by these fanatics. If they were Muslim or Christian they would never get away with the fraud that KJ has perpetuated for years. As a community they have become parasites stealing resources from those of us who pay into the system and they are unwelcome by most residents of the county because of their disdain for playing by the rules.

Leeches living off the fat of the land. They interbreed and want social services when their offspring are born with birth defects as a result. All overlooked in the name of Religious Freedom. ONLY IN AMERICA.

I want to know if anyone who posts on this site takes their gripe to where it will actually do some good.. To your Senator and Congressmen? The very fact KJ is so successful in getting, diverting, and "stealing" your Tax $$ lies in the fact they have power in their vote.Now, KJ hires outsiders and maintains a base of illegal workers in Middletown in homes they've bought in other communities. That's a fact! Secondly, Camp LaGuardia is another source of workers, but when that dries up, more illegals.Has anyone tried to get the INS in there to investigate workers under Homeland Security...I doubt it.And Thirdly, KJ homeowners have regular low income jobs..BUT...a lot of them also have holding in Real Estate businesses, and a lot run their own business in the house or basement. Just take a drive thru there one day and look in the housing ares...see how many little signs are out for womens clothes, mens shoes, etc. These businesses aren't even legal.So go ahead folks...whine....they have all your money.

These people are not poor. They'll get every penny they can. Some people complain about immigrants. Most immigrants come here and bust their asses working in the worst jobs, they do pay most taxes, and they do assimilate to at least some degree. These people, though, are the definition of what people complain about when they whine about immigrants, even though many of them aren't even immigrants. Latinos are nothing like the Hasidics. Hasidics use Latinos just like everyone else. I hate to say it but from what I know of them the Hasidics really do seem to be nothing more than parasites. One of the worst parts is that they are not even really a religion. They look down upon and use everyone who is not one of them. They don't even like regular Jews. They are to Judiasm what the terrorists are to Islam. They are a sect of the religion that falsely uses the religion to promote their goals. The only difference is that while the Al-Qaeda types are violent and crave power, the Hasidics are non-violent economic terrorists.

Shaster is partly right, and Charlie Bohan has also said it: KJ is a parasitic community. They manage to suck money away from other communities that are just as needy. KJ just has more political support and is craftier in getting what they want. Hey, these aren't stupid people! Look at one crime a KJ member was accused of- money laundering! KJ is NOT a poor community as they would have us believe. See

The inbreeding/birth defect post is accurate. I know of a teen brother/sister from KJ who married and had horribly ill children who we as taxpayers are footing the bill for their care. Within a few months, the teen mom was pregnant again. This inbreeding info is not urban legend as some may think, it's true and it happens on a daily basis. Why do you think there is such a disproportionatly high rate of babies with defects born in a single community? You see the young women arrive by taxi at the pediatrician or ob/gyn in their designer clothes, carrying designer bags, and on welfare. What's wrong with this picture? They are not interested in birth control, don't waste your breath or time suggesting it, the more children they have, the more public assistance they receive.Does writing facts make me an anti-semite too?Why disparage the THR for reporting facts?Have you ever noticed that there is never an expose on this community with all their shady dishonest dealings on 20/20 or Dateline? They'll report on Scientology, or Rev. Moon or other religious sects that are suspect, but never the Hasidics. Wonder why not?

Do you honestly think that this is about one's faith or ethnicity? It's about being exclusionary, moving into an area and ignoring the laws and rules that we all are expected to follow. It started by the Hasidics building multi-family housing on land that was zoned as single family only. It has only progressed exponentially from there. Laws, rules, ordinances that we all must adhere to, do not apply. Do you think it would be different/accepted if it were any other ethnic group? Get a grip and stop playing the persecution card when it suits you. Calling us anti-semites is just a cop out and an easy slam. It's too bad there isn't an amemdment that would require any group who wants to live in this country to make an effort to assimilate, whether it's learning the language or simply following the laws/rules of the land.
Star states: "You know the truth, that the reason you hate them is not because of this or that, but because they are better then you." which makes me think he is not of that community, or he would have said US, not THEY. I think he is just trying to stir things up.

ExPat5000I have talked to the FBI in 2000 re: the Illegal domestic workers brought here by the Hassids...I have talked to HOMELAND SEC in DC in 2004....DA PHILLIPS knows about them....nobody is public service is listening!!!! WHY?KJ brings these people over to exploit their labor. They don's speak English so they have no idea or our labor laws or what they are entitled to as a "worker". KJ is on welfare but yet has domestic workers to help them with their broods. OUR gentile public servants whore themselves off for the votes and that is why KJ can feed on the lions share of the tax revenues. Let's all complain to SPITZER...see if he comes through.....the FBI ignores it and knows all about these exploited workers....who do they protect? it is'nt us.


This stuff isn't lies, class - it's the truth and everybody knows it. And until it stop, it puts all of us in danger of persecution, hatred, and violence. This is what we have done to ourselves - as I said before, we have made ourselves odious to the public, and when the public turns on us, we have no one to blame but ourselves.

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