Thursday, June 28, 2007

I want all of you... go to UOJ's webpage and read the article for Tuesday, 26 June 2007.

If any of you that read my blog have any doubt as to how serious the situation is for yeshiva bochurim and other orthodox and ultra-orthodox who have not received a secular grade-school education or trade school/college degree of any kind, then you seriously need to read this. It is a true situation of a personal friend of UOJ's, and it illustrates the sickness and insanity of the yeshiva world's allergy to gainful employment or even a sufficient education to gain market-rate employment.

I have tried and tried to get this message across, to no avail. So has Failed Messiah and other voices - but our pleas and warnings fall on deaf ears. We are at the edge of a dreadful precipice - and we're about to fall into the abyss. This insanity must stop - we must return to the values of our fathers who wrote Pirkei Avot and stop listening to self-serving "rosh yeshivas" and Rabbis who make their living bleeding dry the families and young men in our communities and giving absolutely nothing of practical value in return.

The Rabbis are not just killing our kids - they're killing our whole communities by refusing to allow young men to contribute financially to their wife and children, their shul, their extended family, and their community. Our communities must embrace self-sufficiency instead of the something-for-no-work mentality, and that means our young men need to learn each and every skill and trade and craft needed for the community as a whole to have the necessities of life. That doesn't mean they should never study Torah. But it does mean that only the percentage of the very topmost students who have a realistic expectation of actually being a head Rabbi of a Shul or yeshiva should study to do so. The vast majority of young men will never, ever have this opportunity in real life. They should study in the mornings or evenings or on shabbat or weekends - not during the work week when they should be out earning a living. And in order to earn a living, they are going to have to have a real-world education and a college education for professional positions (doctor, lawyer, accountant, etc.) or training in various hands-on skills, crafts, and trades.

This is not optional - it is a necessity and it is HaShem's will that young men do so. Each one of you must embrace HaShem's will, even if it means defying your Rabbis will. That's just the way it has to be. The Torah says to disobey even your parents if they teach you to act against Torah - and the same surely applies to your Rabbi. The Mesora says a man who doesn't teach his son a trade makes him a thief. So get on with it, already. Learn a trade - a real one. The only other option is to stand back and watch our communities fall apart or implode from poverty - and when your children are starving then, you will have no one to blame but yourself.

It certainly won't be HaShem's fault you refused to get a job. He told you to get one.

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