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Still want to claim that robber barons don't own our government?

Since comments critical of some companies tend to disappear off of their regular host servers, I've cut and paste this blog entry in it's entirety. While you still can, go to the original site and read all the comments. Turn's out that Kinder Morgan isn't exactly made up of model citizens who are known to be working in the American people's best interests! (Really, you're not surprised, are you?)


My run in with Homeland Security
by saildude
Fri Aug 03, 2007 at 08:35:45 AM PDT

This is my first diary and I am sure it will show but here goes.

Many in our community, Charleston, SC, oppose a planned expansion of the Kinder Morgan Bulk Terminal and have made our voices heard at public hearings and local blogs. The company insists they are well within the permit levels and have stated on the record that the emission levels are 10 times below permitted levels. I dispute this and have been videotaping the company in the act of violating their permit and posting them to YouTube.

Company polluting our local water and air-caught in the act

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The videos clearly show large amounts of coal and cement going directly into the water and also shows the fine dust released which travels for miles and covers all in its reach.

I live on my sailboat next door to the facility and have always just washed the mess off and lived with the nuisance. When I learned of the plan to more than triple the size of the operation I became more active in my opposition and after hearing Kinder Morgans claims I decided to document what I have been observing that directly contradict their claims.

I believe that because of these and other efforts by many others the permit has been delayed. Kinder Morgan is not happy with the delay or my videos so they decided to call upon Homeland Security to silence their critics. This resulted in an armed raid and a no warrant search of my boat (home) and myself. My video tape and digital camera footage was viewed.

Charleston City Paper has a good article written by Stratton Lawrence at this link:

Calling out Kinder Morgan's polluting habits earns one man a visit from Homeland Security

When Homeland Security becomes a tool of the corporations to be used against US citizens to silence them we are truly up shit creek without a paddle.

The particular task force used was called Project Sea Hawk and is a pilot project under consideration for expansion nationwide. I believe after 30 or so million dollars their claim to fame is catching 30 illegal immigrants building a bridge and me taking pictures.

Charleston-based SeaHawk task force the first in U.S. to focus on cargo terror threat

Project Sea Hawk

My repeated requests for a police report or investigation into who called in a suspicious person report have been met with silence. Kinder Morgan was well aware of who and why they were being filmed and used Homeland Security to try and make the problem go away.

Didn't work.

Update: Thanks to Kristen French and

Charleston Peace - Public Hearing Regarding Kinder Morgan

Update: From todays local paper: Sat. August 4

"Bonerigo's efforts have prompted state environmental officials to take a closer look at permit requests that Kinder Morgan filed for the expansion of its 208-acre terminal."

Complaints prompt closer look at permits

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