Saturday, October 13, 2007

Tell us again, friends of Lott, just how great the health care in this country is, and how well off we are being at the mercy of the robber barons with our for-profit medicine?

Because when places like BOSNIA have better pre- and post-natal care than the United States, most semi-intelligent people can see that there is something wrong.

U.S. maternal death rate higher than Europe's: report
Sat Oct 13, 7:04 PM ET

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The United States has a sharply higher rate of women dying during or just after pregnancy than European countries, even some relatively poor countries such as Macedonia and Bosnia, according to the first estimates in five years on maternal deaths worldwide...

...The United States has a far higher death rate than the European average, the report shows, with one in 4,800 U.S. women dying from complications of pregnancy or childbirth, the same as Belarus and just slightly better than Serbia's rate of one in 4,500.

...Just one out of 47,600 women in Ireland die during or just after childbirth, the report found. Bosnia had the second-lowest rate, with 1 in 29,000 women dying during pregnancy and childbirth. "Among the ten top-ranked European and other industrialized countries, where women are guaranteed good-quality health and family planning services that minimize their lifetime risk, fewer than one in 16,400 will die from complications of pregnancy and childbirth," the United Nations, which issued the report along with the World Bank, said in a statement...

Ireland has better maternal death rates? Belarus is the same as us? Gee, folks, our health care is worse than several third world countries when it comes to maternal care - aren't you proud?

Thanks, Lott! It's so obvious now - how could I have missed it before? - our health care, based on the greed of a few fatcats and denying expensive care to the poor so as not to hurt the stock options of wealthy CEO's, is so wonderful!

As long as you're not having a baby.

The US is 41st among the industrial and near-industrialized nations for maternal healthcare.

You'd be better off going to Bosnia to give birth than to stay here, in other words.

The protect-the-profits-of-robber-barons at all costs philosophy of economics is just what I said it was - unethical, immoral, and ineffective. People have a basic human right to decent healthcare, class. No one should be denied medical care because some fatcat CEO wants another vacation home and yacht and more stock options.

For profit medicine is a scam - a shame and an embarrassment. How much longer are we going to let greed kill us and our children?

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