Thursday, October 11, 2007

What we have done to ourselves, part III.

This comment I found on Failed Messiah's webpage, posted to this article.

Yeshivaworld has just interviewed a prominent Lakewood Askan, who has vented his frustration at last night’s brutal, unprovoked bias attack by an African American male on a Lakewood Cheder Rebbe. According to him, and practically every single Rosh Yeshiva, Rov, Askan, and Lakewood resident, the root of the problem is that Lakewood is filled with slum-housing that is occupied by violent gang members. Many (95%) of these properties are owned by members of our own community.

He feels that not enough is being done to correct this dangerous problem. “Perhaps it is time to get the public records of every criminal arrested in the last 5 years in Lakewood, and see what their address is. Close to 100% of these addresses are owned by Frum landlords/slumlords. The names of these slumlords should then be publicized. Let the community see what the real reason for the crime in Lakewood is. The most crime-infested properties in the town of Lakewood are owned by prominent members of our community. Downtown is a fearful mess.

Criminals from the High Point neighborhood prey on the adjacent neighborhoods. One frum landlord owns some 40 units in High Point alone. Thugs from Woodlake can cruise through Lakewood at will, looking for victims. Raintree is filled with homes of dealers of all sorts. Shootings take place on Seventh Street by people who live on Seventh Street, and if not on Seventh then on another block nearby. The abductor of the frum girl from Trim Gym lived in the home of a frum person.

Last nights brutal assault was another wake-up call! We need to get the community to stand up and force these landlords to evict these vile creatures.

Everyone knows that if you invite 500 terrorists to live in Lakewood they will plant a bomb in one of our Shuls. This is no different. Bring 500 violent thugs - all gang members - into the heart of our community and we then have incidents such as last night.

Steps were taken to stop this in the past by Rabbonim and Poskim, which failed in the face of strong landlord opposition. Just last year the slumlords were outraged when a law was passed requiring that properties be kept in decent condition. Their reaction? They staged a demonstration outside the home of Mayor Lichtenstein!
They are now fighting a law that would require a yearly inspection of rental properties. What is wrong with a yearly inspection? What are they afraid of? Is it the countless violations that will definitely be found in the properties?
Enough is enough! It is time to stand up!”

Posted by: steve | October 11, 2007 at 09:22 AM

There was a story last year that I blogged about, touching on this same line of thought. The main focus of the article was about grants and fictions thereof. Part of the discussion concerning that story and some related ones was, if I recall correctly, how Cheredi landlords and property owners keep building structures with total disregard to building codes, zoning regulations, etc., and especially lying on plats and plans submitted to the city governments about what buildings were going to be used for, among other unethical practices.

I said at that time that with our leader's hatred and contempt for the goyim and acceptance of this sort of behavior, we were making ourselves odious to our neighbors and that eventually violence would result.

This "steve" person, however, is just as idiotic as the slumlords he gripes about. These are human beings, not "vile creatures," and it is the refusal of the property owners to keep their buildings well-maintained and up-to-date and the complete and total indifference to their tenants living conditions that contributes significantly to their despair of positive change, hopelessness of a better future, and criminal behavior.

Someone who lives is a slum and knows good and well that the slumlord is a wealthy Jew is going to hate us. It's not rocket science. They are treated like garbage by their landlord - a Jew. They live in disgusting and deplorable conditions, that they know are caused by their greedy cheap landlord - a Jew. And all their friends and relatives are treated like garbage and live in dumps and all their landlords are wealthy Jews.

You'd pretty much have to be an idiot to NOT see where this goes.

As one other comment on Failed Messiah's page lamented - the guilty ones rarely get punished, it's the Anne Franks of the community who do. As long as we tolerate and condone and participate, however tangentally, in these immoral and unethical practices we are making ourselves an object of hatred to those around us. As long as we subscribe to the loathsome teaching that goyim are subhumans and that it is our right to lie, cheat, defraud, and ignore the local rules and regulations, then we ourselves are causing every incident of hatred and bigotry that is heaped upon us - and we deserve it. Our leaders will yell "anti-semitism" but that's not the real problem. The real problem is "anti-goyimism" and we are guilty as charged.

"What is hateful to you do not do to others, the rest is commentary - now go and learn."

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