Thursday, November 08, 2007

An Observation.

My middle son came up to me a bit ago and said, after hearing a news report on the toxic components in toys and the defective cribs and other such news that has been out lately, "Well, looks like just about everything they sell at wal-mart will kill you."

I thought about that for a minute, and then said to him, "Well, it's not exactly a co-incidence that these reports are coming out now. They've known about this sort of thing - inferior ingredients and all that from China for quite a while. There are all sorts of articles out there about how dangerous some of the plastics are, and the paint, and the additives, and the child labor, and all sorts of things like that. The only reason you're starting to hear about such incidents ad nauseum in the news right now is because China is dumping US treasuries and dollars as if they were toxic, which they probably are. You see, the US can't slap trade restrictions on China or anything like that, because they would retaliate. But by publicizing these things now, they can accomplish the same thing - get people to stop buying goods made in China. It's a stealth trade war."

And though that just popped into my head in response to his question, even after thinking about it a bit more I think that is probably true. It's also a sure bet that China isn't fooled - even though they did shoot themselves in the foot by cutting corners (as if all other corporations everywhere else don't - ha!). So China will find some way to retaliate, you can be sure, if they feel like a defacto boycott of Chinese products isn't likely to work. So stay tuned, folks.

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