Thursday, November 08, 2007

Update on the Coup in Progress.

Hat Tip to Failed Messiah for this article:

Failed Messiah
November 08, 2007
Eternal Jewish Family: Belief in a Universe Older than 5768 Years is Heresy – Any Rabbi Holding This Belief Can NOT Serve as a Rabbinic Judge or Perfom Conversions; Most YU and Modern Orthodox Rabbis Therefore Banned

...In sum, the conference was not about establishing universal standards for geirus, but rather about establishing who's fit to be a dayan, and by extension, what does it mean to be an orthodox Jew. Indeed, in a private conversation with my friend, R. Eisenstein did not dispute that the effect of his pronouncement, in practice, would mean that no modern orthodox rabbi could sit on a beis din due to his philosophical, scientific, or historical beliefs, no matter how observant the rabbi is in all other respects.

Anyone who heretofore believed that the Israeli charedi g'dolim were not interested in imposing their standards and philosophy on Jews in the United States better wake up before our religion is hijacked by people who resemble those running Iran...

This is the second salvo in the war against Modern Orthodoxy and every other non-cheredi sect of Judaism. The first was a few weeks ago, which I posted about, when the Israeli Ultra-Orthodox machine decided to "take control" of the American conversion process. The long and short of it is that anyone who will not submit to their medieval fables and unscientific nonsense, no matter how halachically observant they choose to be, is not "Jewish."

Not to say that observance is no longer important to them - oh, no. But now you're not "Jewish" unless you are observing the most ridiculous stringencies, believe women are inferior and can't "learn," think that non-Jews are sub-human, all non-cheredi Jews are apikorus, and that our communities are above secular law, etc.

Those things are even worse than saying with a straight face that mermaids exist(ed), and golums that become living people can be made from clay, and the moon used to be the same size as the sun - and all that sort of hogwash we find written by the sages of old. One can be scientifically stupid in any religion, but it takes absolute chutzpah to be a cheredi Jew - because the misogynist, racist, intolerant and arrogant teachings and beliefs are in essence crimes against humanity.

These rabbis who are appointing themselves in charge of conversion are some of the same people who have held that it's ok to sexually abuse children as long as there's "no penetration." They are some of the same rabbis and teachers who refuse to submit to mandatory reporting laws for child abuse and neglect, not to mention spousal abuse. These are some of the same Rabbis that have told people that no matter how poor they are, birth control is not acceptable. They have sold their wives and daughters into slavery to the goyim so they can sit on their bums all day and "learn" absolutely nothing that will ever gain them market-rate employment (and indeed, many of them consider employment far beneath them) - and as a result these are some of the same guys that regularly engage in and facilitate insurance fraud, tax evasion, ignore zoning and building codes, engage in welfare fraud and shady business practices and call it ok because the "victims" are goyim. In other words, many of these cheredi "guardians of the purity of Judaism" are the worst of the corrupt, the worst chillul Hashem on the planet.

And now they get to decide whose conversions are valid. To translate this into plain English, if you aren't rich enough to grease a sufficient number of palms on these new "approved" beit dinei, you can kiss your conversion goodbye. If you've followed any of the cheredi divorce scandals, the treatment of those poor chained women by some of these so-called tzedekim, then you already know how the conversion process is now going to work. It will be just like that, only bigger.

Honestly, I am near to a point where I think a good economic depression would be the best thing for our communities. These guys financial supports need to be knocked completely out from under them, and there doesn't seem to be any way to do that short of collapsing our whole economic structure.

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