Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Don't buy Milk in Pennsylvania unless it's labeled ORGANIC.

Pennsylvania officials have caved in to pressures from factory farm agribusinesses and prohibited farmers using natural sustainable farming practices from labeling their milk "hormone-free," meaning that no artificial hormones were injected into their cows.

...For those who study effects on human health, the main issue is not bovine growth hormone itself. Neither the natural nor the synthetic version is "bioactive" in humans.

The research has focused on another protein found in milk: insulin-like growth factor 1.

IGF-1 also is naturally present in the blood of cows and humans, in identical form, and at high levels it has been associated with certain human cancers.

And people who regularly drink milk have somewhat higher IGF-1 levels in their blood.

...In milk from cows treated with synthetic hormones, levels of IGF-1 can be even higher - by 25 to 70 percent, according to a 1999 review by a European Union scientific panel.

The officials, and the giant commercial firms such as Monsanto who are lobbying various states for the ban on giving consumers information on what is going into their milk products, claim that there is nothing wrong with an artficially high level of IGF-1 that is 3/4 higher than is found in nature, but research has clearly shown otherwise, as I have blogged about before:

...Not only has the rbGH milk been conclusively shown to have elevated amounts of IGF-1 (an insulin component that screws up human metabolism and is directly responsible for the rise over the past couple of decades in "metabolic syndrome x," that lovely combination of insulin resistance, obesity, heart failure, and blood lipid malfunctions), but it is also implicated directly in the astonishing increase in breast cancer over the same time period....

If you live in Pennsylvania, then I strongly suggest you write some strongly worded letters to your state agricultural officials. And if you live in some other state where Monsanto and the other giant factory farm agribusiness firms are lobbying to put small farmers who use natural sustainable farming practices out of business by confusing consumers about which products have been contaminated with chemical additives and which haven't, then you also need to write a strongly worded letter.

And if your bought-and-paid-for state officials pass such legislation in your state, removing your ability to exercise your rights as a human being and a consumer to decide what products you are willing to buy, then simply don't buy any milk that isn't certified organic. Don't buy any other dairy products, such as cheese, unless they are either certified organic or are imported from Europe, where it is still ILLEGAL to use those man-made artificial hormones to force cows to produce more milk than nature intended and make human being sick in the process. It's not about "safety" or "misleading labels" or anything else except the GREED of Monsanto and the other giant agribusiness firms - who are losing sales to informed consumers who don't want to poison themselves or their children.

Repeat after me, class. Corporations do not care about you or your children. Corporations are in business for one purpose and one purpose only: to make money. And they will sell you ANYTHING in order to make money. And as long as it doesn't kill you on the spot, they can sell you anything. It isn't illegal for them to sell you rBST and IGF-1 contaminated stuff that will poison you over a long period of time, so they do sell you these poisons and don't care one whit about it. All they care about it profit, and they don't care how many cows they abuse or how many people get sick. Got it, class? Information is the only weapon you have against them, which is why they are trying so hard to take information away from you. Fight back.

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