Friday, December 14, 2007

How to make sure antisemitism stays alive, part 4 zillion and 15...

From today's Vos iz Neias:

Lakewood, NJ - Township Votes Down Rental Unit Inspections
Lakewood, NJ - The Township Committee last night voted down a proposal to institute mandatory annual inspections of all rental units.

Committeeman Robert Singer was the swing vote, having first supported the measure last month.
The committee's two Orthodox Jewish members, Menashe Miller and Meir Lichtenstein, also voted against the ordinance. Many of the town's landlords who would be affected by the new regulation are Orthodox.
Mayor Raymond Coles and Committeeman Charles Cunliffe voted in favor.

Some have accused Singer of being swayed by the Vaad, Lakewood's council of Jewish leaders.
Several residents voiced their frustration at seeing the ordinance flounder.
"Let's face it, the real reason for the resistance is the fact there are far too many zoning and housing laws being violated throughout Lakewood, just as there are far too many in this town who seem to place themselves above the laws and statutes on our books," Michael Billing said...[APP]

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