Thursday, January 24, 2008

Philosophy roundup 3

Points to ponder:

What is your "will," anyway?
You only know what your will is afterward, when you look back in your life and see what you've done.

I find out what I really want by seeing what I actually do. That's what we all do, if we're honest about it. We have our feelings, we make our decisions, but in the end we look back on our lives and see how sometimes we ignored our feelings, while most of our decisions were actually rationalizations because we had already decided in our secret hearts before we ever recognized it consciously.

The path of God is straight,
but I dwell in a world with no straightness in it.

Your soulmate is the one person who knows all the words you can't bear to hear.

A child is a real person - that child's acts are real acts. Even a child's play is not without moral context.

A culture can cling to long-dead customs just for the sake of national identity - grateful to be in a place where such customs were all superficial and didn't distort and destroy the lives of the people.

It is wrong of me to value my own pain so highly that I thought it gave me the right to inflict more on others.

I will hear the words they speak, but I will know that it is up to me to bring them into a living place.

Necessarians teach that one lives in peace and harmony with one's environment, disturbing nothing, patiently bearing mild or even serious afflictions. However, when a genuine threat to survival emerges, one must act with brutal efficiency. The maxim is, Act only when necessary, and then act with maximum force and speed.

You try never to strike anyone. But when you must, you strike only one blow - but such a harsh one that you enemy can never, ever strike back.

Wealth has destroyed their souls. They adopted the destroyer as their father.

The only people who prize purity of ignorance are those who profit from a monopoly on knowledge.

History has no laws, and all patterns that we find there are useful illusions.

It's not enough to laugh at good fortune and say "Enough, already!" You have to really mean it - that you have enough. And because you mean it, you take the surplus and you give it away. Similarly, when bad fortune comes, you bear it until it becomes unbearable - and then you say "enough, already!" and you change something. You don't endure the unendurable. When you have achieved balance in your life - surplus good fortune being fully shared, all bad fortune has been mitigated, what is left is a life of perfect simplicity.

Writers create themselves as they create their work - or perhaps they create their work in order to create themselves.

Machines [computers] have no judgment, and will not remonstrate with us when our will is foolish, and will not disobey us when our will is evil.

I spend all my time thinking things through. It's the acting on my thoughts that gets tricky. Which ones should I act on, and which ones should I ignore?

Somebody has to decide what to do. Somebody has to decide what to believe, and then act on it.

We are living sentient beings - we are not slaves to the data we receive. We make leaps. Knowledge is just opinion that you trust enough to act upon.

Suicide is a desperate attempt to get rid of unbearable agony.

But it doesn't have to be your physical life that you kill.

Sometimes a decision not to kill is a decision to die.

We carry the beast inside our heart - the devourer of happiness.

The trick is finding a way to let new things into one's life without killing that life to accommodate them.

Religion is tied to the deepest feelings that people have. The love that arises from that stewing pot is the sweetest and strongest, but the hate is the hottest, and the anger is the most violent. When you penetrate the light of the sacred fire, watch your step, because no enemy is ore ruthless or brutal or thorough.

Life is a suicide mission - we have no idea how long we'll be trapped there, so we can't possibly know how much is enough.


Lastly, for the one who asked:

I know because I was also broken as a child and forced to become a wicked conniving selfish manipulating monster in order to protect the fragile girl starved of love and kindness who would have been destroyed by them and the life I had to lead. I know how it feels to be an enemy to myself, and yet I have set that behind me and gone on and I thought I could take him by the hand and and show him the way - except that I don't know the way. I am still broken, and the girl is still frightened and breakable, and the monster is still the ruler of my life. So in truth, I have nothing to give him. He needs to drink wine, but I am only plain water. Worse, I am seawater, swirling with sand at the edge of the shore, filled with salt. Drinking, he will die of thirst.


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