Sunday, January 06, 2008

UOJ tells it like it is.

Sunday, January 06, 2008
"UOJ - Please Listen. The abuse of power, molestation, and cover-up that you know about does not allow you to rest peacefully....." Saturday, July 01, 2006 - The UOJ Archives: A Sophisticated Reader Writes And UOJ Responds.

Has anything changed? Not really. We are still too afraid of the Rabbis and Roshei Yeshivot to save ourselves from them - they have complete control of our lives, have put so many burdens on us that we are staggering under the weight of debt and fear. We're in the box, trapped - but the box is safe, how can we leave it? They've told us it's so scary and horrible out there in reality land. And if we even ponder thinking for ourselves for one minute, well, kiss your kids shidduch goodbye. You and they will be outcast becaused you dared to put your family before your Rabbi - it's your job to just shut up and do what he says, you know, regardless of how impossible it is in real life land. He's Hashem's spokesperson! What he says can't be impossible, and if it seems like it is, then, it's all your fault - because it can't be his. He's infallible.

Or not.

The only way to take back the power they have stolen is simply to make them irrelevant. Don't go to their shuls, don't give them money, don't listen to what they say, don't send your kids to their yeshivas. If you're afraid to do these things, then just resign yourself to being a puppet forever, because that's all you'll ever be. They'll suck you dry until they can get nothing more out of you, all the while telling you how much they "care" about you and your kids and how you "must" do these things because you're saving your soul and that of your kids....blah, blah, blah.

A good parasite isn't usually so stupid as to kill it's host, but our Rabbis have drained our communities to the point of needing life support, that's a fact. What's the best way to cure the disease - pour more fuel in for the parasite to eat, or get rid of the parasite.

And what happens when you just have no more fuel to give? You know the answer.

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