Wednesday, March 12, 2008

A memorial.

From DovBear:

...We are organizing a major fundraising campain for the victims of the terrorist attack at Merkaz Harav. We will be fundraising to publish a book in their memory which will compile articles written by different prominent rabbis on the subject of Unity. At the end of the book will be a memorial for each of the victims.

We had many ideas for fundraisers, and none were perfect. This one is not perfect either. Still, we opted for this one since:

1. It will be a lasting memorial for those killed, not something which goes away after a while.
2. It will bring a lot of merit to their souls whenever people read words of Torah from these books.
3. It is something everyone can unite towards.

Ideologically, it also seems like an appropriate response – fighting darkness with light.
Our website is set up at

Please visit it and make generous contributions. Please tell everyone you know about this project. Blog about it, email your friends, tell people. Together, we can make a difference.

posted by DovBear @ Wednesday, March 12, 2008


Garnel Ironheart said...

I visited the site. I know it's so incorrect to question initiatives like this but I'm going to.

Here's the thing to remember: Israel has a hodge podge of overlapping private and public systems. I'm sure that despite their hallowed status, the poor injured boys in hospital, may they make a speedy recovery IY"H, are going to rack up significant bills. As well, we must remember that funerals cost money.

Would it not make much more sense to raise money for that instead of a book that will just rehash quotes from other books already out there?

Ahavah said...

If you can find a fund that isn't run by somebody who is going to skim 60-70% off the top for "expenses" I would be glad to post it.