Sunday, March 09, 2008

Well, at least somebody isn't asleep at the wheel...

UPDATE: Is The RCA Lying About The New Conversion Agreement?
Friday March 14th, 2008

Hat Tip: Failed Messiah

Senior Member of RCA Committee on Conversions "Abhors" Agreement, Fears For Converts

...Rabbi Lookstein also notes that there are many RCA rabbis who privately agree with his criticism of the new conversion agreement – but those rabbis won't speak out publicly, except for Rabbis Marc Angel and Avi Weiss.


Fear of retribution, it seems...

And there it is: FEAR.

The Terrible Lie lives, and breathes, and has a stranglehold on us still.

What can we do? Failed Messiah says:

What should you do?

Stop funding rabbis who support this RCA-Rabbinute agreement. And stop supporting and funding the RCA's parent organization, the OU.

You can do this in several ways – one of which should include minimizing the number of OU-certified products you purchase. Go to Rabbi Abadi's website and check out what foods you can safely buy without a hechsher.

Then remove the OU from your kitchen, and the RCA from your life.

Sounds a lot like what I said, too. Make them irrelevant.

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