Thursday, April 03, 2008

Dupont cares about people...

...only so far as they're making money off of them. I received this email from a personal friend of mine. Please pray for this child.

An online friends 4 yr old neice fell asleep on the way home from
school yesterday. She "awakened" a few blocks from home. Her dad
thought she was playing or faking, and tested her resolve by pointing
a finger and moving it toward her open eye. When he touched her eye
with absolutely no response (not even a blink) from her, he knew
something was terribly wrong.

He rushed her to the hospital, the immediately put her in ICU,
hooked her to an EEG and gave her drugs. She was completely
unresponsive to all stimuli, including pain.

This morning the EEG blipped to pain. They are holding out hope.
Her name is Madelyn, and her parents are Lee and Wendy.

Lee works for DuPont making medicine and they aren't letting him have time off to be with her. He works, or they fire him.

The whole thing is, obviously, very stressful.

Please pray for Madelyn and her family. I have told you all i told
and know nothing more. Not even the family's "spiritual status."

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