Monday, May 19, 2008

China proves communism is a joke... the wealthy and privileged flout laws imposed on the common Chinese.

It always amuses me, of course, that the same liberals that claim women in American must never lose their right to decide how many children they want to have (by means of publicly funded abortions, of course) are perfectly happy to give funds by way of private donations and official UN public policy to make sure Chinese women have no such right. And I once mailed Hillary Clinton an article documenting the fact that infanticide is practiced widely in Chinese hospitals, as staff inject poison into the soft spot of babies heads when they're born without a "permit" - even when the parents cry and object strenuously. And then there are the hoardes of female babies abandoned to orphanages (you'll notice those foreign adoptions are NEVER of Chinese baby BOYS) due to the simple economic reality (that many western liberals don't seem to have grasped yet) that it is usually only a son who does not need to take "maternity leave" and so earns enough wealth and seniority over a lifetime to support his parents in their old age.

The murder of millions of babies, both pre- and post-natal, especially girl babies, has produced millions of men who will never be able to marry, simply because the dearth of females allowed to reach maturity will never suffice for them all. It has, as this Chinese official admits, destroyed their society.

But the thing that you should most pay attention to is the simple statement that even in China, the wealthy and privileged lord it over everyone else. Communism simply does not and will never work - human nature simply will not allow it. In spite of the intense "re-education" and educational indoctrination, women still want to decide what is best for their own family - not have it imposed on them by government fiat.

Times Online
China plans the end of hated one-child policy
Jane Macartney
February 28, 2008

China's political leadership is considering ending the country's hated "one-child" policy because it is damaging the economy and creating a demographic timebomb, a senior minister admitted today.

Zhao Baige, Vice Minister of the National Population and Family Planning Commission, revealed that there is concern at the highest levels that the policy is already tearing apart the fabric of society...

...China has vowed to slap heavier fines on wealthy citizens who break the rules in response to the emergence of an upper class willing to pay standard fines to have more children.

Nonetheless, Ms Zhao suggested that long-term planning on how to bring the policy to at least a partial close may already have begun.

"The attitude is to do the studies, to consider it responsibly and to set it up systematically," he said...

It is not going to be any different here in the States, either, as peak oil begins the unavoidable economic triage - permits for private automobiles will be doled out to the wealthy and privileged, not to ordinary Americans. Policies to conserve and ration will not affect wealthy politicians and robber barons - just the rest of us. And if, God forbid, population control is ever forced on us, guess who will be able to buy their way out of it? The same elite class that always imposes laws on others that they have no intention of being inconvenienced by themselves.

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