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And racism is alive and well in Judaism.

You've got to be kidding.

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August 06, 2008
Haredi Judge Who Voided Thousands Of Conversions: Even The Greatest Sefardic Rabbis Need To Defer To Ashkenazim

Rabbi Avraham Sherman, the haredi rabbinic court judge who voided thousands of conversions done by Conversion Authority head Rabbi Haim Druckman, now says…

…even the greatest Sefardi rabbi like Ovadia Yosef must defer their halakhic opinions to the "leaders"of this generation, Rabbi Yosef Shalom Elyashiv and Rabbi Shmuel HaLevi Wosner...

I notice the Jerusalem Post tried to soften the issue a bit:

Jerusalem Post Online
Aug 6, 2008 23:17 | Updated Aug 7, 2008 10:17
Rabbinic judge urges haredi conversion primacy

There are, actually, two separate issues at work here, and we need to unravel them instead of conflate them.

First and foremost, it is an issue of sectarianism - the Chereidi Imperialistic drive to de-legitimize and invalidate all other sects of Judaism, including Modern Orthodoxy.

Secondly, there is a blatant and pervasive racism among the Ashkenaz - that is, white European Jews whose culture was heavily contaminated with and influence by the Roman Church and the racist fear and hatred and condenscention of brown peoples Jewish immigrants developed in the European intellectual theatre.

The problem with the latter is, of course, that any intellectually honest person has to admit that Jews are not white. The 12 Tribes of Israel were Near Eastern and North African (yes, Moshe did marry a black woman from Cush, as we've discussed before), the same stock as Near Easterners today, with influences from Persia and the Far East. They were not certainly not white.

This very thought infuriates the Ashkenaz, who believe by virtue of being WHITE EUROPEAN JEWS they are superior to every other person on this planet, including their Sephardi brethren (those who did not migrate to Europe, but stayed in the Mediterranean regions and, gasp, for the most part stayed "brown").

Because the Ashkenaz believe that they are the pinnacle of human achievement, they are not about to let a bunch of brown guys decisions about Halacha or Conversion have any authority over them. That is why even the "highly respected" Sephardi Rabbis should defer to the Ashkenaz, because they should know their place, and not be uppity. The opinions and interpretations of White European Jews, of course, are superior. That should be taken as granted. When the Ashkenaz say "highly respected" above they mean "respected among your own kind," the inferior Mediterranean peoples.

The Ashkenaz are, in their own imaginations, the supreme authority of Judaism because they appear "white" - they "pass," in other words - never mind that authentic Judaism could never, ever, have resembled the European construct that they have created out of original Judaism. More bizarrely, since the Ashkenazi society made a pit-stop in Babylon prior to coming to Europe (whereas the Sephard pretty much stayed in their native Near Eastern Lands) the Babylonian Talmud is the centre-piece of their religion, over and above the Jerusalem Talmud of Hashem's Temple and the authentic Near Eastern Judaism. Babylon was probably the origin of this racism, imagining themselves to be superior to those still residing in the promised land, who must not be "real Jews" because "real Jews" are those who went to Babylonian schools, and moved to Europe and eventually became white.

I am particularly amused by this paragraph in the article:

Sherman said the Talmud expresses a contradictory opinion that views converts as a plague because they introduce foreign influences into the Jewish people.

The entirety of Ashkenazi Judaism is a "foreign influence" on the real Jewish people, the people of the original 12 Tribes of Israel. But they don't admit that, not even to themselves. In their mythology they have created to justify themselves, their Roman European brand of Judaism is "min har sinai," - didn't you know? Hashem intended to make them White Europeans (who conform to Roman Catholic modes of dress and thought) from the very start. The Sephard are just too ignorant (and too brown) to see it.

The Ashkenaz are the superior race and sect - and now, just like Hitler before them who suffered from similar delusions, they have legislated that the opinions of those inferior races don't count, they are not Halacha.

Imperialism, indeed.

UPDATE: Schmarya says it's not about "color."

I really don't think this is a color issue. For various reasons, Sefardim are looked at as being less intellectually rigorous. Color is sometimes an identifier of the "problem," not its cause.

Hmmmm. Still sounds to me like the Ashkenaz are saying that if you're brown, you're not intellectually rigorous. "An identifier of the problem," still sounds an awful lot like, well, racism. What else can that mean? One can tell a person is probably not intellectually rigorous because a side effect of not being intellectually rigorous is brownness? How is that different from saying, "Those with brown skin are more likely to be less intellectually rigorous?"

Words, words, words. What do they mean?

"Those Sephardi, whose education was not controlled by our superior selves, are not intellectually rigorous enough and we can tell this because they're brown."

Nope, that doesn't work, either - especially since, after all, if the only problem with them is a lack of being "intellectually rigorous" that problem could be easily solved by enrolling Sephardi children into Ashkenaz schools.

Except the Ashkenaz don't want Sephardi in their schools because, well, they're brown. As Schmarya wrote then:

This is all about race and class, about passing as white, so to speak, in haredi society.

It hasn't changed any, class.

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