Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Anti-Semitism alive and well in the US.

Yesterday I mentioned in chapter three of Decline of the West that in the past I had noticed the beginnings of a trend I am calling "Radical Conformity" which will replace multiculturalism and tolerance as the prevailing paradigm in the next stage of the West's Decline.

Today I opened my email and found a link to this in the Lekarav Report. In it the author exposes some of the horrible anti-semitic remarks made (and apparently allowed to remain) on Barak Obama's campaign webpage. Note: It is WND's position and has been for quite some time that Obama is actually a Muslim in disguise, and they are opposed to his candidacy for this and other reasons. They are presenting the quotes in this article as evidence that Obama and his supporters understand that he is really against Israel politically and against Jews personally. After his bald-faced lie to a group of Jews wherein he told them plainly that Jerusalem should never be divided, and then turned around 180 degrees and said his words were a "misunderstanding," I would certainly never vote for Obama. I don't know if he's really a Muslim or not, but his policy of throwing Israel under the bus for Arab oil is untenable.

WND Exclusive ELECTION 2008
Obama site: Jews must be 'burned'
Anti-Semites congregate on candidate's official presidential campaign blog
Posted: August 05, 2008 9:03 pm Eastern
By Aaron Klein © 2008 WorldNetDaily

...The above [in the article at WND] are just a sampling of a large volume of racist, anti-Semitic and anti-Israel propaganda that can be found on user-generated pages on Sen. Barack Obama's official campaign website, which allows registered members to form groups and post content in online "community" blogs.

The Obama campaign does not monitor all blog material but says it removes offending posts brought to the attention of site administrators.

A search through the community blogs on Obama's official site under such key words as "Zionists," "Israel Lobby," or "Jews" brings up thousands of entries, some containing what can easily be described as hate material...

You might be thinking to yourself that it is Muslims who have moved to the US who have made these comments.

But native born Americans who are NOT part of some neo-nazi fringe groups post comments just as nasty and hateful toward Jews on the webpages of YouTube and many New England newspapers when news stories come out about zoning violations, or traffic problems, or welfare fraud and all the other activities some Jews participate in that cast us all in a bad light and are an obvious chillul Hashem. US citizens, ordinary people from sleepy NY and NJ boroughs think these same things about us as the possibly muslim posters on Obama's website from Dearbornistan and other Muslim enclaves.

Not that the average American Joe is going to be accepting of those in Dearbornistan, but that's not the point. These people, whomever they are, state publicly that they are OK with the idea of violence against Jews. They endorse violence against Jews. And only the "usual suspects," that is, other Jews and a very few Zionist Christians, protest about it. Everybody else is silent. And this problem is not just in America, it's in plenty of other places in the world, too. Europeans disparage us, too.

Our leaders have treated these ordinary people with contempt and arrogance, ignoring the community's laws and acting as if they had a right to do so, simply because of being Jewish. We have sowed the seeds of our own doom, class, right here in America. And that little seed will need only some water and sunshine to grow - and when the economy worsens and people are angry that they have played by the rules (zoning, income, or whatever) and some Jews have not, that anger is going to manifest in open hatred and violence against ALL Jews and anyone else who will not Conform and be "normal" in their eyes.

People whose Culture is in Decline become paranoid and defensive in the dying stages of their Civilization - they have in every place and time that this has happened. This time will not be any different. The question is, are we going to continue to give them incidents and activities that they will use to justify violence against us? Will our leaders apologize in public meetings to the community and tear down with their own hands the illegal structures, the unlicensed businesses, the unzoned meeting places, and never park where they're not supposed to park? Will they get honest jobs and stop burdening the welfare system "for Torah?" Will they pay back the money? Will they treat the community and its laws with profound respect? I hope so - because that is the only way that Jews can avoid having our homes burned down around their heads along with the illegal immigrants and other "outsiders" to mainstream US Culture who will be the targets of the new era of radical conformity that is coming.

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