Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Just for your info...

...I doubt I'm going to be posting anything the rest of this week, until maybe next Monday or maybe even as late as Thursday or Friday. School starts back tomorrow, which means orientation and teacher meetings, and elsewhere I have a couple of committee meetings, and I need to get some figures and stats together for those, and a HOA meeting, where I am going to be pushing for some reforms and it's probably going to be a big fight, and then next Wednesday an annual board meeting with some elections and reports due. I may decide to quit working on one committee and take a part time volunteer position for the local Federation instead. We'll see. I'm not sure. Of course one of the kids broke a string on their instrument today - the day before classes start, argh! - so I have to get in to see the music shop guy first thing tomorrow...

And we were supposed to be at a pot luck/picnic this evening.

So, family and community first, keeping up with the blog will have to fall by the wayside for the rest of this week and next. The next installment of the Decline of the West should be up late next week or first thing the week after.

In the meantime, Shalom.

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