Monday, August 11, 2008

Ok, the costumes might be going a bit too far...

...but the sentiments are right on. Modern culture has gone off the deep end, and it's time we returned to a better way. This is a short piece, with three sections. Each section features a woman who has decorated her home, dresses in period style, and follows the cultural norms of more civilized recent eras, from the 30s to the 50s, before women were told they needed to "have it all" and sacrifice everything that mattered to get it.

Time Warp Wives: Meet the women who really do live in the past
By Diana Appleyard
Last updated at 10:06 AM on 08th August 2008

The credit crunch, a knife crime epidemic - no wonder so many of us are sick of the 21st century. Most of us just grumble, but some women have taken radical action to escape what they see as the soulless grind of modern life. Meet the 'Time Warp Wives', who believe that life, especially marriage, was far more straightforward in the Thirties, Forties and Fifties...

Says the 50s lady:

...I admit I am in retreat from the 21st century. When I look at the reality of the world today, with all the violence, greed and materialism, I shudder. I don't want to live in that world.

The 40s lady adds:

...I really believe that women today have lost their way, with bingedrinking ladettes and children as young as 11 going out in tiny tops.

The age of innocence has been lost and it is such a shame. My idol is Ava Gardner and when I watch her films - as I do all the time - I think that so much has been lost from today's society...

...Of course, I'm not such a Luddite that I don't use modern medicines and other comforts of modern life when I need to, but I find a genuine happiness in living in a time when life was simpler.

And finally, the 30s lady says:

Back then, the world just seemed a sunnier place, even though it was an austere time between the wars...

...The Thirties was a much more moral time and there was a real camaraderie between people.

I try to escape from where we are now and rarely read newspapers because I find today's world so depressing.

The pace of life today is so hectic and I think there is so much pressure on women to be like men. It is all wrong.

Yes, it is. And it won't be corrected until women stop pretending to be men and insist on the social contract our feminazi forebears chucked into the trash without considering the consequences.

The way we do this is to simply refuse to be part of the feminazi consumerist paradigm. We take back our homes and then our communities from their warped priorities and self-centered views, and replace those with acknowledgment that interdependence is normal, not evil. We can't "have it all," because the goals and aspirations of consumerism and uber-feminism are simply not in any way compatible with our own needs, our children's needs, our family's needs, our community's needs, and our social, moral, and religious obligations. The Feminist-Consumer society has made every effort to destroy the very foundations of what it means to be a women, and has destroyed children and families in the process. They have spawned a time of pure and utter dysfunction, where society can no longer function. The self-centered consumerist paradigm has produced nothing but greed, neglect, selfishness, and is leading to the failure of both the economy and society.

We only stop the tide by refusing to be part of that world-view. We reject their reality, and substitute our own. I have more freedom than they ever will, and I enjoy every minute of it. You can, too. Reject their priorities. Reject their standards. Reject them. They are slaves. You can be free. You can prove that they are wrong, and what they say "can't" be done actually can.

And besides, living well is the best revenge, as these ladies have found.

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