Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Some interesting data.

I found these charts and graphs, and thought you might like to see them.

This first represents the debt (credit) we have relative to the national GDP. As you can see, in the past, we were much more wary about taking on mountains of debt. As it is, the debt we have now is, in reality, unpayable.

Scary, isn't it? Who wants more stagflation? Nobody, but so what? Here it is anyway.

What gambling with your money has really earned you.

And, in case the 200 month data wasn't uninspiring enough, here's the 200 year data.

In short, you would have done far better to pay off your debts (which saves you gazillions in interest over your lifetime) rather than investing in the S&P. As for national debt, the interest payments alone are going to drain the life out of your children's and grandchildren's incomes - presuming the economy doesn't completely collapse under its weight before then.

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