Thursday, September 18, 2008

Social Terrorism Must Stop

I have added my voice to the long list of bloggers and their readers who have sent the following email. You, too, can add your voice by composing, or just copying and pasting, an email to such as the following.

To the Editorial Board of the Jewish Press:

We would like to express our horror at the intimidation and harassment of Dr. Benzion Twerski for his efforts to protect our children from molestation, and we salute you for your courage in publishing the Op-Ed column condemning the harassment of Dr. Twerski. We feel that exposing the actions of the kannoim is the first step in reversing their campaign of terror against members of our community.

We are fed up with the fact that the extremists in our community are allowed to threaten peaceful citizens with threats and we would like to see our police officers arrest and prosecute those who do so to the fullest extent of the law.

If there are any acts of intimidation or threats of violence to Dov Hikind's next appointee to the Child Safety committee; we will join and support a massive email drive to our elected officials – on the local, state and federal levels – to step in and protect those who are helping protect our children.

We respectfully ask you to run an editorial next week condemning this disgraceful act, acknowledging the number of these emails that were sent to you and calling on our leaders and rabbonim to publicly distance themselves from acts of intimidation and violence each and every time they occur with the same fervor reserved for other actions that contradict our holy Torah – and to declare the acts of violence as the sins they are.

Respectfully submitted,

__________________________________ (your name here)
[and readers at __________________ (your blog here, if applicable)].

It doesn't matter if you think this will have any actual effect on anyone or not. The point is just to make sure your voice is counted - so that they see how many bloggers and readers feel strongly about the issue of social terrorism by the chereidiban.

If few people participate, they will know they have won. If many people participate, they will know they have a fight on their hands even if they have no intention of changing their ways. And if enough people respond, they will know they are on the wrong side of this issue, and since the illusion that they speak for all and wish only to engender harmony must be maintained, they will do the right thing even if they don't want to - because it would look bad and hurt their credibility if they didn't.

So add your voice.

Shabbat Shalom.

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