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Decline of the West Chapter Eleven

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Decline of the West
Chapter Eleven
Origin and Landscape:
The Cosmic and the Microcosm

A plant is nothing on its own account. It forms a part of the landscape in which a chance made it take root. An animal, on the contrary, can choose. It is emancipated from the servitude of all the rest of the world. These [have] little worlds of their own within another great world. An animalcule in a drop of water.

Servitude and Freedom - this is in last and deepest analysis the differentia by which we distinguish vegetable and animal existence.

Everything microcosmic possesses polarity.

All senses are positive. The blood is for us the symbol of the living. The blood of ancestors flows through the chain of generations and binds them in a great linkage of destiny, beat and time.

In man's waking-consciousness nothing disturbs the lordship of the eye. The idea of an invisible God is the highest expression of human transcendence. Music is the only art whose means lie outside the light world. Hence it can take us beyond the tyrrany of light. The development of language brought about the emancipation of understanding from sensation. Understanding detached from sensation is called thought.

[Sensation is dangerous precisely because it is intensely personal and subjective. Thought is better, because it can be molded and directed more easily than sensation can. However, it is still somewhat dangerous, because people can make intuitive leaps of thought and see behind and beyond what they have been taught to think. Therefore both the Ravs and the Powers-That-Be in the secular world have decided that even Thought is too dangerous for the masses. They don't want people who think, they just want people to pliantly follow their lead.]

The development of theoretical thought within the human waking-consciousness gives rise to a kind of activity that makes inevitable a fresh conflict - that between Being (existence) and Waking-Being (waking-consciousness). Owning, however, to the unconditional monarchy of the eye, life is presented as the life of a visible entite in the light. Understanding, then, when it becomes interlocked with speech, promptly forms a concept of thought and with it a counter-concept of life, and in the end it distinguishes life as it is from that which might be. Instead of straight, uncomplicated living, we have the antithesis represented in the phrase "thought and action."

[The Ravs have put harnesses on action, that is, how we live our daily lives, by entwining it in layers and layers of thought. We can't just put on our shoes, they have to be put on the "right" way - every minute of our day, ad nauseum. We are so bogged down in "thought" that the simply joy of living has been strangled with burdensome worry and fretting.]

That which is not possible at all in the beasts becomes in every man not merely a possibility but a fact, and in the end an alternative.

[Alternatives are the last thing the Ravs want - they want complete control over everything we do, say, feel, and think, "for our own good."]

The entire history of mature humanity with all its phenomena has been formed by it, and the higher the form that a Culture takes, the more fully this opposition dominates the significant moments of its conscious being.

Human waking-consciousness consists of sensation and understanding and to that extent is equivalent to "ascertainment." It thus encounters the epistemological problem. Waking-consciousness is synonymous with the existence of oppositions, whereas the world of tensions is necessarily rigid and dead, namely "eternal truth," something beyond all time, something that is a state, the actual world of waking-consciousness is full of changes.

[And ultra-orthodoxy has proved itself most incapable of dealing with the changes both of people's personal thought-life and of the Culture and Civilization in general. Thinking outside the box is not tolerated - those who do so are ridiculed, chastized, and rejected in an incomprehensible and unrealistic plan to "shame" them from thinking such thoughts. In real life, all this practice does is drive intelligent people away from Orthodoxy and Judaism and Hashem, since most people consider those three to be one and the same. In the broader world, history, biology, medicine, archaeology and other areas of discovery have proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that a lot of what was written in the Talmud by medieval Rabbis is simply superstitious nonsense, and yet the Ravs of ultra-orthodoxy insist that every word was inspired by Hashem.

Unless Hashem, the Being who invented DNA and the ecological cycles, etc., is completely ignorant of how they work, any person with any secular education can see plainly the words of the Talmud are wrong, not "inspired." Hence the Rabbis attempt to keep people away from any sort of secular education instead of insisting that Hashem is not an idiot who thought mice sprang up spontaneously from dust or lice from sweat - and mermaids! Such things are not and never were Truth, but the Ravs have elevated themselves to be equal (nay, above) Hashem, so their words must be "Truth." Anything that threatens their position on the pedestal they made for themselves must be kept from people - the ultimate in thought control.

The purpose of such thought control is to control people's actions, of course. If people think for themselves, they will not continue to give power and money to the Ravs when they are wrong - and the Ravs certainly don't want that. How dare mere ordinary Jews pass judgment on them, the self-appointed heirs of Hashem's power and authority!

It is a terrible shame that the real Eternal Truths of scripture are so mixed up with the half-truths and outright falsehoods of the Talmud that when people realize the writings of the Ravs are junk, they tend to reject both. By insisting that their false way is the only "right" way, they cast aspersion on the real Eternal Truths. But you will never hear an Orthodox Rabbi admit that - no matter how inaccurate any part of the Talmud can be rationally demonstrated to be. Instead, they will fight tooth and nail to protect their position of power, even at the expense of the Truth. Their power and money are far more important to them than Truth.]

Rest and movement, duration and change, become and becoming, are oppositions denoting something that in its very nature "passeth all understanding" and must therefore from the point of view of the understanding contain an absurdity. If the will to know breaks down the problem of motion, it may well be because life's purpose has at that point been achieved.

[Now here is the profound level of understanding of the myth of min har Sinai and Orthodox Judaism. Orthodox Judaism PRETENDS that they have arrived at the end and purpose of how live one's life properly in Hashem's Will, in order to claim that nothing outside of Orthodox Judaism has validity. However, this myth is exposed in the everyday lives of those attempting to follow the Ravs "truth." The Ravs have not brought peace, but fear and stress. They have not brought the promised blessings of Torah, such as never borrowing and able to lend, such as success at everything one's hand is turned to, such as being able to eat and be satisfied and not be ashamed - those promises don't come true and the people in the Orthodox communities know it. "Why not?" those who think ask themselves. Those who have been so well programmed to think that they don't ask are assured that it is because they themselves are at fault - they're "doing it wrong," not praying enough, not studying enough, not having enough faith. Never are they told the truth - they're poor because the men refuse to work at market-rate employment. Their wives can never make as much money as a man because they have to have maternity leave and care for sick children as well as be sold into slavery outside the home. Because the man won't work to support his family, their income is drained away by child care, by dayschool and by elder care, too. This false paradigm that the Rabbis have set up as the "perfect" Torah lifestyle is not only false it is destructive - because the kids raised in herds by strangers are detached from their family, detached from their parents authority, and ultimately, detached from Hashem because they know and feel in their hearts that their lives are empty and pointless. As do the adults.]

In spite of this, and indeed because of this, the motion problem remains the centre of gravity of all higher thought.

[Indeed, the Ravs are thinking long and hard how to separate people more and more from their own feelings and from knowledge that undermines the Ravs position - but it is failing, because people can't fail to notice how well off they aren't, and blaming "antisemitism" for every ill can only go so far, and blaming individuals for "failing" to have enough faith isn't going far at all. People know they have tried their best and done what the Ravs told them to do. It's only a matter of time before a majority of people realize it's the Ravs, not themselves, who have failed.]

The problem of motion touches, at once and immediately, the secrets of existence, which are alien to the waking-consciousness and yet inexorably press upon it. In posing motion as a problem we affirm our will to comprehend the incomprehensible, then when and wherefore, Destiny, blood, all that our intuitive processes touch in our depths. Born to see, we strive to set it before our eyes in the light, so that we may in the literal sense grasp it, assure ourselves of it as something tangible.

[And it's the last thing the Ravs want, as mentioned above - people examining what they have been taught in the light of day, with facts available, and seeing the results of what they have been taught - a life of poverty, stress, fear and shame.]

For this is the decisive fact, of which the observer is unconscious - his whole effort of seeking is aimed not at life, but at the seeing of life, and not at death, but at the seeing of death. That we do not merely live but KNOW about "living" is a consequence of our bodily existence in the light. Only when understanding has become, through language, detached from visual awareness and pure, does death appear to man as the great enigma of the light-world about him.

Then, and only then, life becomes the short span of time between birth and death, in it is in relation to death that the other mystery of generation arises also. Only then does the diffuse animal fear of everything become the definite human fear of death.

[The Ravs have made this fear the focus of our lives, completely ignoring the wise words of the Written Torah and the Wisdom writings of Qohelet that say that what Hashem wishes for our daily lives is to enjoy shalom bayit, the company of our friends and family, our food and wine, and the fruit of our labours.]

It is this that makes the love of man and woman, the love of mother and child, the tree of the generations, the family, the people, and so at last world-history istelf the infinitely deep facts and problems of destiny that they are. To death, as the common lot of every human being born into the light, adhere the ideas of guilt and punishment, of existence as a penance, of a new life beyond the world of this light, and of a salvation that makes an end of the death-fear. In the knowledge of death is originated that world-outlook which we possess as being men and not beasts.

[All true. But our fear of being punished by Hashem should only be an issue when we break HIS commandments, not THEIR stringency-du-jour. Those who walk away from Judaism do so because they have been fooled - tricked into thinking the Ravs commandments have the same authority as Hashems, but they don't. It's a lie the Ravs tell in order to obtain and keep power, control, and wealth. And until we learn to separate the Ravs from Hashem, and put Hashem back on the throne that the Ravs have usurped, then we will continue to live lives of fear and pain and worry that Hashem never intended, and people will continue to mistakenly walk away from Hashem, not knowing they could simply walk away from the Ravs and their stringencies instead. The Ravs, with their hate and violence, intolerance for freedom of religious practice within the halachic framework, ostracization and power-mongering, have murdered these people by driving them away from Hashem and His commandments. By pretending to be as all-knowing and all-powerful as Hashem, they have besmirched Hashem's good name.

And they will not give up their power willingly. We will have to take it back from them. And this will happen, because their false economic teachings and the lies, scams, frauds, ponzi-schemes, and illegal activities that they have had to embrace to cover up their lie cannot last. Their little fiefdoms will fall - are falling, in fact. But we cannot allow their mis-management to completely destroy Judaism, though it appears that is going to be the case. We must think for ourselves, we must judge for ourselves, we must act for ourselves - and reject those teachings and stringencies of the Ravs that are damaging to us and to our community as a whole. We must remove our financial support from the Ravs and from those who will not work. We must instead put our time and effort and money into making our communities self-sufficient economically and strong socially by ending the intolerance and social terrorism. It's time for a "return" to REAL Judaism - that of our Near Eastern and North African forebears, the 12 tribes who embraced each other in peace regardless of what traditions and interpretations they practiced within the halachic framework. We can do this - be a light to the nations instead of a parasite off of them. But we will have to think and reason for ourselves in order to do so.]

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