Wednesday, November 26, 2008

I am quite astonished the number of visits Sitemeter is reporting for the post about the article Schmarya quoted about the Frum craig's list crowd. I am baffled, too, as to what this means.

Does it mean the shidduch crisis is on everyone's mind?


Does it mean everybody just wants to see Frum people behaving badly?

I'm thinking it's the latter, based on the "search" criteria most people used to find my post, though the former may be partly true. Mostly, though, they were searching for "frum swingers" or some such. This doesn't bode well for the future of the Chereidi or of Jews in general. Apparently most people aren't really interested in fixing their economic problems, preparing for peak oil, relocalizing their buying, job training and education, addressing the conversion crisis, or bringing about change in the intolerant and condescending atmosphere of Chereidi Judaism. Only 10 or so people a day read those articles. Nope, what most people want is to hear about "frum swingers." (dozens, so far) When the realized my commentary was going to be about the shidduch process, they probably stopped reading.

Now, this is very much in line with "Decline of the West" as it applies to Chereidi communities. But it's awfully sad to see.

Shalom, I hope, at the end of this tunnel.

Postscript - BTW: 2:08am, Beck? You really need to work on your time management skills if you're still up surfing the net at that hour.

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