Thursday, November 27, 2008

An interesting post about...

...Biblical criticism, the Sages, and also conversion by Pierre Sogol.

His blog is usually rather esoteric, but this one is pretty straightforward. That reminds me: One of these days I need to ask him how much he charges to defenestrate someone. I can think of a Rabbi or two who could use it.


I had never seen this blog before, but it was referenced in a comment at UOJ. It's called:

Daas Torah - Issues of Jewish Identity

The UOJ commenter posted a link to a recent post on this blog describing how Tropper was boo-ed (figuratively) out of the middle of his presentation at a convention in Prague. Tropper, in case you didn't know, is on the forefront of the battle to delegitimize Modern Orthodoxy and annul conversions of people who practice modern orthodoxy. His EJF organization is responsible for wreaking havoc in the lives of many families, in conjunction with the Israeli Rabbinate.

Tropper was also the lead instigator in the Slifkin smear campaign, which slandered the man and resulted in the banning of his books, for daring to suggest science was compatible with Torah and maybe the world wasn't created just 6000 years ago, etc., as all educated people already know - evidence shows "scientific adam" is some 60,000 years old, as I blogged about some time ago. The human race has existed some 100,000+ years. The Chereidi can't accept scientific facts, however, regardless of how idiotic they look in the light of day to educated people. They still insist that the gedolim of the middle ages were infallible, so apparently lice must really spontaneously appear from human sweat, since they say so - and so on and so on.

Here are some excerpts from the article at Daas Torah:

Thursday, November 20, 2008
Rabbi Tropper & Prague - what happened?

...Let's go forward in time to last year's EJF conference in Washington D.C. It was massively publicized with cover photos and large articles describing in detail who was there as well as the speeches. The conference will go down in history for the speech given that said that whoever believes that the world is more than 6000 years old - can not be a dayan for geirus. A rabbi who wore colored shirts was not to participate in a beis din for conversion. Here was a major weapon to be wielded against those who didn't share Rabbi Tropper's vision of Yiddisheit - i.e. the Modern Orthodox as well as many American Chareidim.

Yes, Tropper's position (and now the Israeli Rabbinate's) is that you either accept far right ultra-orthodox fundamentalism completely, or you are not a Jew.

...The point of the conference was geirus and the universal standardization according to the standards of Rabbi Tropper. Rabbi Tropper had and has a lot of money due to his backing by billionaire Tom Kaplan. Many of the participants in fact went primarily to receive a significant amount of money from R' Tropper. Rabbi Tropper drew a line in the sand and said, "If you want to participate in my universal conversion program - you must accept my beliefs in these matters."

...It is now November 2008. So now we have Rabbi Tropper - a world famous rabbi with a lot of money. A lot less power as the result of the strong criticism of the Bedatz against his approach - but still a force to be reckoned with. He is invited to speak in Prague. He comes with the resources, desire and need to invest money in kiruv [?] in Europe.

...But instead of a reasoned discussion of the issues and the various views and what he would like to do and what he would like to learn from them - he starts lecturing them. He lectures them about their shortcomings and failures.

But most of all he attacks the Modern Orthodox rabbis - those who don't share his vision of Yiddishkeit. He attacks all those who don't accept his standards of geirus. There were many people who were greatly embarrassed by his rudeness and insensitivity. He is perceived as the proverbial bull in a china shop. There are many who are furious. He comes not to work together with the Europeans rabbis but rather to dictate to them.

He becomes aware of their anger at his comments. He defends himself - but it is too late. He loses it and walks out of the angry assembly in the middle of his presentation in great irritation. There is even a petition circulated to ban his future attendance of the meetings. He came to conquer and command and instead he was rejected...

Yes, I derive great personal satisfaction from Tropper's humiliation - I confess my sin here to you all. But on a more serious note, I'm glad to see that there are people standing up for the rights of Modern Orthodoxy, at least in Europe. So where are the Ravs standing up for MO and conversion in America? The RCA's capitulation is shameful.

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